Faith series : Developing inner strength – Abayomi Oladunjoye

If you faint (fail)in the day of adversity, your strength is small.

Most times opportunities do not give signals when they are on the way; they come in when they want and most times when they are least expected; this also rings true with tests,they don’t knock before arriving, you merely see them right at your nose confronting you. Your failure or success on the day of your test is greatly determined by the reservoir of strength stored up aforetime in your inner man.

Great armies do not begin to prepare for battles when the battle is around the corner, they commence their trainings a long time before they may even feel a battle would occur, as a matter of fact, great armies are known to continuously strengthen themselves in anticipation of battle days, their soldiers are meant to keep training, physically, tactically, emotionally and otherwise in order to be ready for any unforeseen circumstance (tests).

Esau was tested at a moment when he was least prepared, at a point in which he could have drawn from the reserves of his strength, but alas there was no strength to draw from. Many of us have the same opportunity that was presented to Esau, he was a warrior, a man of physical strength and a conqueror from the womb, he struggled with Jacob and overcame by coming out first from the womb(Gen.25: 22-26), he also was more favoured by their father (Gen 25:28) and was poised at a great advantage to inherit the blessing but he failed in an area of critical importance; he failed to develop his inner man, he failed to develop character,he failed to develop inner strength for the day of his test.

Esau was privileged to be close enough to his father to know what his birthright was but he was too lazy to develop the character, grace, long-suffering and mannerisms needed to be a patriarch.
Esau thought the blessing was the right of the first born but didn’t realize that the blessing was only to those who are able to develop in themselves a fortress of enduring character and the ability to delay gratification. Abraham, his grandfather, a man of character walked and obeyed God even when no man knew God. Isaac, his father, was also a man of unequalled character who obeyed God during famine doing what only absolute faith in God would do by planting seeds in a scorched and parched land. Both of them denied themselves the pleasure of the present to inherit the gains of the future but Esau would not, he would rather choose to enjoy now rather than paying the price for his destiny.

Many of us are like Esau, we are extremely gifted, we have the chance to be soundly educated, we are able to conceive grand ideas, we are geniuses in imagining solutions to world problems but we are weak in developing those gifts, we lack the prudence to seat down to study, we loathe the discipline to turn our ideas and imaginations into substance and reality but we need to remember that the future is only for those who develop their inner strength today and do it continuously.

What things do you need to start doing today that would aid the realisation of your dreams? Can you start doing them today and be consistent in it?
Further reading: Gen 25: 23-34

Abayomi Oladunjoye
@njmakinwa on twitter

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