Tade and Nkechi “11” – Isaaacola AA

Sorry for this episode coming a bit late, I had issue with my BIS with etisalat and it was just fix yesterday. Thanks.
Special thank to Ronke Olajide and Dako Alice Temitope for their assistance.

The tension in Tade’s living room was electric, palpable and strong enough to light up a whole village.
As Nkechi called on her mother for the umpteenth time from the ladies (mama has suddenly develop a loose bowel) no answer this time around.


Baby Chichi suddenly remembered it was time to exercise her lungs, and she continued to wail incessantly.  
The combined efforts of Mrs Ajayi, Nkechi and Tade could not pacify her. 
Instinctively, Mrs Ajayi picked Chichi up from her cot and threw her on her back in the traditional African style.
With a sonorous voice, she sang a lullaby to pacify the baby;

Ta lo pa omo yi lekun o
Adede ku le ku o

Se baba re ni o
Adede ku le ku o

Se mama re ni o
Adede ku le ku o

Enjoying the moment, baby Chichi belched and yawned, while her cry gradually faded as grandma’s lullaby continued.

As Nkechi was getting worked up, she barged into the visitors toilet without knocking. What she saw took out all the anger in her and replace it with fear and concern.

She shrieked in an unnatural and inhuman voice. And before anybody could say jack, she was screaming “mama, mama, mama”. Tade was the first to get to his wife and what he saw in the ladies (toilet) look surreal. Mama was turning pale, with arm bent to an impossible angle, remnant of greenish vomit drooling from the side of her twisted mouth, blood tickling from the left side of her nose. He moved closer and cover her partially exposed nakedness and motioned Nkechi to come over so they could move mama to the living room en route hospital.

Mrs Ajayi was in shock. Thoughts were jumping here and there… “What is the matter with my in-law”, “since her daughter called that preacher, she been behaving sorry misbehaving funny”,”God, protect her and not allow anything bad happen to her! At least till she gets back to her husband”.

“Uba ‘risa , omo saanu omo hin komi o” she mused in Ijesha. As if on cue, baby Chichi started whimpering again and mama resumed her lullaby.

Omo mi o a kuru bete ku bete
Omo mi o a kuru bete ku be

Bi mi ku o ma ra so hi o
Bi mi ku o ma re’gba orun

Egba orun ni somo olua…

When Tade and his wife finally laid mama down, Pastor asked if he could pray with the family before mama was taken to the hospital. Everybody agreed this was necessary.

‘Let’s pray’ Pastor Emma said as Mrs Ajayi scampered to get a head tie to cover her head. In Jesus name was the only thing the pastor said when Mrs Onuah got up from where she was laid, eyes glazed, slicing through the living room with agility known only to the youth and answered in a strange voice, which sounded like the voice of ten men merged together “you can’t do anything, in fact you are fighting a lost battle because….

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To be continued 

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