Faith Series -” Oh ye of little faith” – @emini_ANOTI


 Have you ever sat and wondered why you sometimes ask for some
things from God and you never get them? Have you thought deeply why
those things never even got to you? I know some will say maybe it is
not the right time, maybe God doesn’t want us to have those things,
maybe God is busy and doesn’t have my time yet or maybe it is because
I’m a sinner and God is yet to forgive me.

Some even go as far as
speaking irreverently of the Most High but have you really considered
that it is your faith that is not strong enough? We allow doubts to
gnaw at our minds, reducing our faith to nothing. We ask God for one
thing and create some sort of safety net outside our faith saying “in
case I don’t get it, I’ll fall back on this”. God does not want us to
have a safety  net, he was us to diligently wait and hope on him. He
is always ready to answer us whenever we call on him. He says in
Numbers 11 vs 23 that “is the Lord’s arm too short? You will now see
that whether or not what I say will come true for you”. Jeremiah 32:27
also says ” I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too
hard for me?”

God is ready to save us from whatever situation and help
us turn our impossibilities around. He is the God of possibilities. Luke
18 vs 27 says that what is impossible with men is possible with God.
He just wants us to ask and have faith that he would do what he says
he will do. The bible likened the man with doubts with the waves of
the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. James 1 vs 7-8 says: That man
(man with doubts) should not think he will receive anything from the
Lord, he is a double minded man, unstable in all he does. Doubt can
also be likened to a pest that has found its way to a budding plant.
The pest is there to do nothing but destroy the growing plant and so
also is what doubt will do. It will perch in our minds and destroy our
growing faith. Such is the story of Peter, he walked on the sea with
Jesus but started to sink when he saw the wind and he got afraid. He
didn’t sink because the wind was too heavy, he started to sink when he
allowed fear to overshadow him and doubt to creep into his mind. Doubt
makes us unsure of what we are expecting and the bible in Hebrews 11
vs 1 told us that faith is being sure of what we hope and certain of
what we do not see.
   Although doubt is unhealthy and dangerous to the growth of our
faith, it is not a sin to doubt some things, in fact it is fatal to
believe everything. Faith never means gullibility. God is not in
support of a credulous person who is always all for “faith”. Credulity
never honours God. Luke 24 vs 4-5 says “watch out that no one deceives
you. For many will come in my name, claiming, “I am christ” and will
deceive many. This part of the bible is warning us to be cautious of
what we believe in. Belief outside the word of God or detached from
truth is not faith. Believing in the words of imagination is not faith
but deception. Therefore, we should always tell ourselves that faith
is not a state of mental delusions, presumption or self deception but
by the work of the Holy Spirit and the word of God. When we allow the
Holy Spirit in our lives, letting him lead us everyday, listening to
his words of correction and admonition, then our faith will not be
shaken by any form of doubt. Listening to the word of God helps us to
stand firm in faith. Romans 10 vs 17 says “Faith comes from hearing
the message and the message is heard through the word of Christ (NIV).
What is the word of Christ? Word of Christ is our bible. The bible is
basic instruction or information that helps to shape our lives and
sharpen our intellect. It is not just any book, it is a book inspired
by God, written by the apostles of God for men to live by. Word of Christ
is also the words preached by the true of men of God. Those words that
come out of their mouth gives us clarity of what the bible wants us to
do or what the bible is telling us to do.
   Read the word of God all the time, attend christian programs,
churches that will enable your faith to grow. Watch movies and listen
to songs that will help your faith to grow. Invite the Holy Spirit
into your heart, he will give the better understanding of the message
that you listened to hereby improving your wisdom in christ and planting
your feet on the solid ground of faith…

Dako Alice Temitope

I’m @emini_ANOTI on twitter

By God’s grace, faith series will continue with a new or same writer. We are grateful for all those that reads and writes for faith series.


Isaacola AA

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