Wealth – Taiwo Marayesa

BUILDING AN ENDURING WEALTH   How many Christians are on the Forbes' list of richest men/women in the world? How many 'Abrahams' or 'Isaacs' do we have in this generation? How many Christian businesses have lived to be 100 years old? How many books on finances have you read? How long can you survive financially, … Continue reading Wealth – Taiwo Marayesa

Tade and Nkechi “12” – Isaacola AA

Mr Onuah was feeling dizzy and he tried to steady himself by holding onto a pillar in the house. "Nneka ..." He shouted but before he could make a coherent statement trying to rouse the only girl they had in the house, he saw a million stars and his vision became blurred as he whirled … Continue reading Tade and Nkechi “12” – Isaacola AA