Wealth – Taiwo Marayesa


How many Christians are on the Forbes’ list of richest men/women in the world?
How many ‘Abrahams’ or ‘Isaacs’ do we have in this generation?
How many Christian businesses have lived to be 100 years old?
How many books on finances have you read?
How long can you survive financially, if you loose your major source of income now?
How much do you spend to recharge your phone on a monthly basis?
How long will it take you to get back on your feet, if you loose all your savings/investment now?
How much did you spend in the last quarter on tithe, offerings and all charity deeds?
How many people have you empowered financially?
Can you state the exact amount you spend on food, clothing and general upkeep on a monthly basis?

The first 3  questions may not be straightforward to answer but the last 7 questions demand an urgent response, if you intend to go along with me on this journey of building wealth that will outlive you.

Wealth, like every other universal principle, is no respecter of persons, not gender biased nor culturally differentiated. Its returns or yield is commensurate to the effort put into acquiring it. I do not mean physical labour/effort only but also mental effort. The Bible says your heart will always gravitate to where your treasure is. So, whether we accept or deny it, we are always thinking about money. But many of us are too lazy to task ourselves mentally in order break free from the poverty that is ravaging our community.

I do not intend to castigate you but awaken you to the truth you know, but fail to practise. 

Some of the basic truths are:

1. Spend less than you earn

2. Develop a saving culture (whether your ‘take-home’ can take you home or not)

3. Stay out of debt

4. Go shopping with a list (don’t have the list in your head)

5. Never buy a depreciating asset with a loan (even if the loan is interest-free)

6. Pay your tithe promptly (it should be the first deduction)

7. Don’t buy what you don’t need now

8. Be generous but live within your means

9. Don’t spend beyond what you have planned to spend

10. Save your 3 – 6 months salary (income) in a separate account

And many more, that time will not allow me to mention but we are aware of.

Critical Ingredients for Wealth Creation:

Mental Activity: You have to ‘think’ it to have it.
Time: No get-rich-quick means will help build wealth that will outlive you.
Pen & paper: Writing down/monitoring your expenses and income is inevitable.

To Build an Enduring Wealth:
Give to God: He gave you every thing you need.
Discipline yourself: You can only conquer the world if you conquer ‘self’.
Take risks: The higher the risk, the higher the return.

Taiwo Marayesa
Let Integrity Be Your Most Treasured Possession

This series will continue fortnightly. We hope we can all learn one or two things here. Thanks.

I’m @newnaija on twitter

4 thoughts on “Wealth – Taiwo Marayesa

  1. Very true about a wealth that will out live one,but we need understand savings are most of the time for a purpose not just to keep money in the bank for the bankers use. Such purposes could be for building,rent,projects,investments,upbringing of your children,things you would like to acquire to better your life and loved ones, etc. Also it is pertinent to note that until you get to a stage of your money working for you the enduring wealth is in complete. At this juncture, it would be of value if more light could be shed on having ones money work for him.


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