Tade and Nkechi “12” – Isaacola AA

Mr Onuah was feeling dizzy and he tried to steady himself by holding onto a pillar in the house. “Nneka …” He shouted but before he could make a coherent statement trying to rouse the only girl they had in the house, he saw a million stars and his vision became blurred as he whirled and hit his head on the floor. All of a sudden, the earth stood still and pitch darkness set in.
Seeping every iota of light out of his being.


“She is covenanted to us, Emma you are fighting a lost battle. We’ve concluded that she will take over from where we started from…” The voice seemed to float in from outer space as if a million legion was speaking through the vocal chord of Mrs Onuah . Mrs Onuah seem possessed with unnatural powers and she floated about the sitting room with the swiftness of an eagle and her eyes look glazed while the fluidity of her coordination is something out of this world for a person of her age. 

Everyone in the sitting room were shocked beyond words except Pastor Emma who came prepared. He looked up at the caricature of Mrs Onuah and  spoke with a calmness that can’t be associated with a man of his height and stature.”I command you in the name of Jesus, come out of her”.


Nneka thought she heard some strange noises in the sitting room and she rushed there because recently, papa had been feeling out of sync especially since mama went to Lagos to see sister Nkechi.

A shriek escaped her throat involuntarily as she saw papa sprawled on the ground looking pale and gasping for breathe. She did all she could do, dragging, pulling and shuffling him into the car just so they could get  to the hospital.

She drove blindly with recklessness associated to youth. Oh God help papa … She mused as she try to concentrate on the windy pot hole infested road.


Mrs Onuah or whatever possessed her continued to shout, rant, foam at the edge of her mouth as if she was fighting an unknown hand which repeatedly hit her all over her body..
Before long all the hyperactivity died down in a few minutes and tranquillity returned to her weathered face. She slept for the next ten minutes and when she woke up, she look different from the woman carried by Tade and his wife some thirty minutes ago.

She asked “what happened? Why is everybody looking morose and melancholic? Is anything the matter?” “Nothing mama” Nkechi replied as the Pastor asked every one to be seated so he could deliver the message. After all, that was why he came.

As the pastor began, Nkechi’s phone interrupted him.

“Hello Nneka” Nkechi said. She couldn’t but pick up the call, when she noticed it was from the village and Nneka is the only person staying with his dad.

“Aunty papa is sick and I don’t understand what the doctor is saying, please speak with him” Nnena said with desperation showing in her tone. “Hello doctor” Nkechi say….

To be continued

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