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Perseverance can be defined as the continued steady belief or efforts,
withstanding discouragement or difficulty. It can also be defined as
the steady persistence in adhering to a course of action, belief or a
purpose. It can also be called steadfastness. In lay man’s definition,
perseverance is simply the ability to stand firm on our belief no
matter the situation. James chapter 1 vs 2-4 tells us that “it is pure
joy whenever we face tribulations of different kinds because testing
our faith develops our perseverance” and perseverance is needed if we
must be mature and complete in faith. Perseverance is needed so that
we truly understand what faith entails so that we really do not lack
anything afterwards.

Faith with perseverance can be likened to the story of a farmer that
went to his farm and tilled his land. He made ridges and planted his
seeds. The farmer waited for rain to wet his land but no rain fell. He
did not allow the lack of rain to bother him. He went to his farm with
a large can filled with water and wet his land with it. The farmer did
this everyday with the hope that his efforts would pay off soon. His
neighbours mocked him and told him to wait for the rain but he did not
allow their jests to deter his diligence. Rather, he worked harder
watering the land day and night. He knew very soon, his hard work
would pay off and till then, he wasn’t going to relent. Spring left and summer came with still no rain and everyone in the town were
disturbed. They had run out food stuffs and did not bother to farm
because they were waiting for rain. Adults and children groveled day
and night but it did not change their condition. It was only that
farmer that had more than crops in his store; enough to share with his
family and sell to the community. And so his efforts did not only
provide him with food, it also made him the richest man in that
community as everyone came to him to purchase crops.

The farmer can be seen as the modern christian waiting on God for a
miracle. The farmland is his life and he expected crops (blessings) to
grow on it. The lack of rain was just to test to his faith as we are
tested now. Lack of rain could be lack of money, lack of job, lack of
clothes, e.t.c and the neighbours that made jest of him can be seen as
the devil’s tool to tempt us, telling us that we are of no good and
could never make it. The sneers and jests are like temptations,
drawing us away from our goals and diminishing our faith. Note that if
the farmer had given in to his neighbours’ jests, he would have lost
his reward for starting out in the first place.

What miracle are you expecting today? Are you just sitting down
expecting God to just finally notice you by waiting for the rain? Or will you be like the farmer that went ahead to till his lands regardless of the absence of rain? He took the first step, so should
you. Challenge God by farming on a dry land; He’s the God that answers
our prayers. He will do everything for us, all He asks of us is to
knock and He shall open the door. Are you tired of waiting without no result? Do not give up. Always remember that those that wait on the
Lord will “NEVER” be disappointed. Are you being mocked for being
steadfast or you’re getting tired of people making jest of you?
Remember, blessed are those that are insulted for Christ’s sake, for
great is their reward in Heaven. Also remember that no faith without
action. Always back up your faith with actions as James chapter 2 vs
14-26 admonished. Vs 26 says “as the body without spirit the spirit is
dead, so faith without deeds is dead. Don’t just sit back and hope,
let your faith show by the things you do. Remember hard work pays too,
faith with laziness is zero. You can’t expect God to give you a job
when you stay at home 24/7 expecting that miracle to walk up to you.
Always be diligent. Lastly, do not give up no matter how long your
miracle might tarry. When you excel over trial and tribulations and
faith in God is solidified, believe me, your miracle will be doubled
and you shall never lack anything.

More bible texts to read:
Mathew Chapter 15 vs 21-28: The faith of the Canaanite that did not
waver even when Jesus rejected to help her first. Hers is the kind of
faith that keeps you going even when discouraged; the kind of faith
that delights Christ!
Mark Chapter 5 vs 24-34: this woman had suffered for 12 years and the
day she finally saw her chance to be healed, she gripped it not caring
if the crowds pushed her about. She did not even wait for Jesus to lay
hands upon her. She touched his cloak and was healed. She was healed
because she believed. Her faith is the kind that keep you going when
it seems like your path is blocked; the kind of faith that exalts
Luke Chapter 7 vs 1-10: this centurion believed if Christ would speak
the word, his servant would be healed. He felt unworthy of Christ’s
presence in his home because he knew He was the Son of God. This
centurion’s faith was not only great, he acknowledged the fact that
Jesus was truly a powerful messiah, sent from God. This is the kind of
faith that pushes you through when your sins make you feel unworthy;
the kind that not only testified of Christ’s worth but also shames the

Dako Alice Temitope

@emini_ANOTI on twitter

Thanks to Alice once again.
Isaacola AA

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