Tade and Nkechi 13

Doctor ehm, sorry I can’t hear the name please” Nkechi said with
emotion trying to spill out its can.” My name is Doctor Jade , and am
standing in for your dad’s personal physician. Your dad seems to be
suffering from complications that is age related. His “blood sugar
level” is slightly higher and his blood pressure, in lay man term is
higher but all in all, he
is in a stable condition now. He will need to rest more and watch his
diet too….
Doctor Jade seemed to drone on and on but Nkechi had
picked what she wanted to hear from the loquacious doctor,”he is in a
stable condition blah blah blah…”

“Thanks doctor. My brother will be coming over there, latest by
tomorrow” Nkechi said with a heavy sigh.


Pastor Emma began “the Lord made me understand that you passed through some challenges and also that you Mr Tade is in the valley of decision
as regarding committing your life to Him, He also made me to
understand that your mother inlaw was deceived into joining witchcraft
in the bid of protecting her daughter but deliverance has come to
her “. My submission is that, the Lord has a need for you and your
family and has decided to visit you, will you and your family allow
God to perfect what he has started indeed?

Mrs Ajayi and Mrs Onuah were the first to jump in, chorusing “they are
giving their lives followed closely by Tade and his wife.


Mr Onuah was discharged from the hospital three days later and was
taken home in the company of his son Obi and daughter Nneka. Few days
later, a totally changed and believing Mrs Onuah arrived to take over
caring for her aged husband and she step wisely lead him to God by her
changed lifestyle. Mr Onuah had to call his wife after noticing a
remarkable change in her and she could only say it was God.


Tade had changed. Although he still had health challenges due to
drug and alcohol abuse early in life, he faced life now with peace that felt almost too good to be real. He was told by doctors after undergoing series of tests that it would take miracle for him to be sexually agile as before but in all, he had a clean bill of health. He was grateful that he had Chichi who was turning ten soon and that for
now, was okay. Most of his friends turned to Tade for counsel whenever
they had issues bordering on things spiritual.

Nkechi too was not left out, she latched unto the new found faith with
all her heart. She dedicated her life to the service of humanity and committed most of her spare time to talk to young girls about choices and how to live in this fast paced life.

“Tade and Nkechi” is an example of working out our relationship and
being committed to making it work no matter the odds.

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3 thoughts on “Tade and Nkechi 13

  1. WOW…I just ad d opportunity of reading dis…I hope we all can work out our relationships…besides, true love matters…good job isaacola AA!


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