Face me, I slap U “8”

Ajadi lived in a typical slum bordering around the metropolis. He was a very hard working type who would rather beg than steal but there is a capital BUT in the life of Ajadi. He had difficulty controlling his third leg. His libido was out of this world!

After all manner of odd jobs and most definitely not white or blue collar job but mainly physically exacting jobs, one will assume Ajadi will get home and rest his weary bones but alas that was never the case with this mountain of man with raw amass of muscles and well used bone.

On getting home , he would prowl the vicinity looking for a cheap way of releasing all pent-up emotion. Ajadi was missing several of his teeth due to the many altercation with passengers during his bus conductor time. He also had bulgy eye ball which will put segun Arinze to shame if they had to compete. The raw assemblage of muscles and big hooked and broken nose fenced with a thick African lip bellied the insecurity in the life of Ajadi.

Ajadi had no wife nor girlfriend, all thanks to his lack of job and battered bad looks that has seen a lot of rejection in its four decades of existence. Ajadi always used the toilet that shared the same wall with the bathroom. He always stayed put in the toilet pretending to be busy easing himself but the truth was, he use the corrugated iron sheet as a gateway to silver bird galleria he could not afford. He has seen the nakedness of almost all the seven women in the compound .

Unknown to him all the women had planned a coup de tat for him looking for the opportuned time. As usual he took position in the toilet when he noticed mama Wuraola carrying bucket of water going to take her bath. Mama Wuraola saw Ajadi scampering to go to toilet and she laughed a throaty laugh when she remembered what they had in store for Ajadi.

He took a position where he would have a good look at the naked woman taking her bath. Mama Wuraola deliberately took her time to show enough to keep Ajadi glued to the adult movie before she picked a four litre paint bucket beside her bathing water that she emptied the concentrated urine on the unsuspecting Ajadi. All the evil smelling liquid landed squarely on Ajadi and before you could say jack mama Wuraola gave a shout that was actually a signal for the other neighbours to assemble to watch the shame of a man.

Ajadi could barely stand to stay around the house. The women taunted him everywhere they saw him. They sang abusive songs to him and sneered whenever he passed. Ajadi was so embarrassed that he did not bother to wait for the expiration of his house rent, which wasn’t due until three months, before he moved out of the house.

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