Wealth 4 – Taiwo Marayesa

Wealth 3 here http://t.co/kyz5MBJbCN Building an Enduring Wealth: Giving I'm glad to be back again to connect with you and continue on this journey of creating wealth that will outlive us. Thanks for taking out time to read this piece and also share. Most importantly, I appreciate those who have put to use some of … Continue reading Wealth 4 – Taiwo Marayesa

Bus Tales 6 – @toyinfab

      Read Episode 5 here http://t.co/zXb6I3DVNx   The time was 9pm. We had been waiting for what seemed like hours, there had been no bus for over thirty minutes yet the crowd on the queue seemed resolute. I couldn’t help wonder why people weren’t leaving the queue in droves in search of alternatives. … Continue reading Bus Tales 6 – @toyinfab

Bus Tales 4 – @persiux5

Episode 1 here http://t.co/4L3YPZxXTA Episode 2 here http://t.co/f87nTanwkF Episode 3 here http://t.co/YKcaglATgi Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!!! Abeg make una help me shout Hallelujah nau….. National Youth Service Corps, oh! No.. Then, our sufferings were over. The way my friends and I were happy ehhh when we collected our posting letters. All my friends were posted to good … Continue reading Bus Tales 4 – @persiux5