What a week! – Isaacola AA

Rain, rain ,
Go away
Come again
Another day
Little children want to play.


The cloud was in mourning mood all through the week. The petulant cloud wept all through with deep roaring tears streaming down its rounded cheeks and  inter changing once in a while with big sunny wide toothed smile.

A week full of poodles from the relentless tears of the sky. Lagos is always all out with its ugliest self anytime it rains. The traffic jam becomes so much it will be better to trek because at times it is faster than taking bus or car. Um, the ugly sight is compounded when cars and bus alike break down on our “high sea” sorry highway with more water than some streams. The sight is almost always gory! LASTMA and area boys have field day extorting money from the unfortunate motorist with reckless abandon without pity. What a shame!


Where do we go from here?

I decide to stay away from commenting on politics but am too ashamed of the macabre of shame dance going on in River state house of assembly. Five dis-Honourable members trying to impeach the Speaker! Absurd I will dare say. Formerly it was in Ogun state where one third impeach with impunity, later it was the Governors forum election where we were told with utter disregard for common arithmetic and total lack of shame that nineteen is smaller than sixteen and now it one fifth that impeach.

This utter show of shame and total disregard of decorum by our elected officials sorry selected officials and lack of respect for rule of law is getting out of hand. Someone should please call these dis-Honourable members to order.


Thuggery and total lack of respect for order in a big tumour-like party is tearing down the nation body polity. This behemoth beasts needed a real fight to leave this nation alone. I can see it self destroying itself if only we will rise above ethnic sentiments and politics of easy cash.

Nigerian, arise ! Our destiny is in your vote is your power ,use it wisely our hands.

Rain picture courtesy of a1gaurav.wordpress.com

Assembly picture courtesy of TVC

I’m @newnaija


5 Replies to “What a week! – Isaacola AA”

  1. The sky has been doing the same here in Ibadan as well. Its been a bitter-sweet experience though as I love rain. Its however not been meeting att the right place most times.
    I see you’re not talking about politics. 🙂
    The macabre dance in Rivers is just sad. Its all about position, power and money. Their waterloo draweth nigh.
    Good piece overall


  2. It is indeed a thing of shame. I don’t understand – grown men! Still – I am proud of my country. People like you and me come from there – no?

    Thank you for sharing!


  3. Good piece of writing, simple but conveying the whole truth about the politics..

    About the rain!! It is the time and for that I don’t think he (rain) is harming anybody, just sometimes misbehave and pour down during odd hours.


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