BUS TALES 3 – Arome Ameh

Bridge Call. Episode 1 here http://t.co/4L3YPZxXTA Episode 2 here http://t.co/f87nTanwkF I remembered back in the days of paid employment,I would wake up as early as 4am,just to beat the early morning traffic and make it to victoria island where I worked. Looking back now, the bus rides to and from the island were very interesting, … Continue reading BUS TALES 3 – Arome Ameh

Wealth 3 – Taiwo Marayesa

 ENTERPRENEURSHIP Episode 2 http://t.co/FMSSqoAIPE Episode 1 http://t.co/4hghtlajzF I can't believe it's another fortnight again and I'm writing the third article in this series of building an enduring wealth. Thumbs up for 'my Oga @ d top' who insisted/forced me to do what I had abandoned since eight years ago. I'm grateful for this golden opportunity … Continue reading Wealth 3 – Taiwo Marayesa