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Abeg make una help me shout Hallelujah nau….. National Youth Service Corps, oh! No.. Then, our sufferings were over. The way my friends and I were happy ehhh when we collected our posting letters. All my friends were posted to good standard living states. You know when you ask your friend “Oboy where dem post you?”
“Them post me go Abuja!”
“I am being posted to Cross River” as the aje butter’s go talk
Mine was a sad journey my brother! NYSC do ojoro post me go Borno with all the runs I do and connections I get. I wasn’t even able to tell some of my friends where I was for the whole year. I remember telling my Brother where they had posted me and his response was “Boko Haram go finish your
intestines with atomic bomb”
So when I say Hallelujah! You should understand my point and where I am coming from. My brother! My Sisters, It hadn’t been easy. The soldier’s parade with small akamu  and akara for stomach every morning and you dared not say No. The way dey take suffer us ehh!… for just paltry sum of twenty-three thousand Naira including tax. That money wey no fit buy one phone sef. I for work for seven months before I go fit think of buying Bold 5 or which one be the latest now sef?
Hmm technology!
I packed all my belongings because I knew I wasn’t going to step into that state again called BORNO. I paid for my ticket and I was unlucky. The Chisco Bus and Young shall Grow Buses don finish for area so I was forced to join the Hiace Bus. I wanted a smooth ride but God understood his plans and every bad condition or disappointment could be a blessing so I took it with faith (kadara) to manage the Hiace bus like that.
The conductor shouted as if he just finished two wraps of pounded yam at Finiky plus edikaikong plus obrokonto. The way he was shouting made me analyzed him critically. And he was good too, he was able to market the bus very well to convince and entice passengers to board the bus.
“Oga, AC dey inside. This ride na ku-le ride. No bumper to bumper. No go slow”
With his sweet words of embellishment, the bus filled up in no time and the driver entered the bus and we began our journey back to Eko.
After twenty minutes, we got out of the hiccup and go slow of
the busy town, on to the express-way. Some passengers were already fast asleep while other passengers shined their eyes to guide the driver on the journey. I sat in the first line just behind the Driver and I had a nice view to myself. All of a sudden, The Driver tried over-taking another bus. It was not easy at all. The alert passengers shouted and screamed “Driver, take am easy ooo” Even the passengers that were asleep woke up and became alert. Abi, who won die?
A man who sat very close to me stood up and shouted
“Praise the Lord”
The Passengers chorused “Hallelujah”
“My Brother and my Sisters. God have a purpose in our lives today” The Pastor began preaching.
“If you believe in your God that he has a purpose for you, shout Amen”
The whole passengers chorused again “Amen”
“Oh Holy Holy.. I can feel the Holy Ghost here in our midst” The
preacher began stumbling, obviously receiving anointing. I just sat at my corner and made no comments.
My Brother and Sisters, wetin my eyes see no fit explain am
for words but I go try…
The Pastor was done with his preaching and he began praying asking if there was anyone in the bus who would like to give his life to Christ but no one answered. The Pastor didn’t stop there. He continued praying and praying, commanding the holiest of fire to take over the journey and anoint the bus and shine the driver’s eyes so there won’t be any accident. The Pastor can pray. In short, he was good.
All of a sudden… Ghen ghen ghen.. Action start oooo
A woman in the middle row seat shouted and began shaking her body
boisterously. “Pastor aahhhhh, I have sinned” The possessed woman shouted
The Pastor got more strength now and began rebuking all the evil spirit in the woman.
The Pastor spoke to the Demon in the possessed woman. He said “In the name of Jesus, what do you want from this woman; Speak up before I cast you out this moment!!!”
The Demon answered “I want her to win the Lottery Draw worth 83.7 Million Naira tonight.”
The Pastor lowered his voice and I heard him whispering something to the woman. I couldn’t believe my ears. Here is what he said. “Get out of her and enter me you demon”

Um, unbelievable, greed for money! Some preachers belly is their God.

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 Dennis Agyeman
@persiux5 on twitter and his personal blog is

Once again, thanks to our writers and readers alike. You are appreciated and Bus Tales editor, oga @the top Dako Alice Temitope @emini_ANOTI respect.

Isaacola AA

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