Faith series – @emini_ANOTI

Unshakeable Faith

I know that my redeemer lives and that in the end, he will stand upon the earth. After my skin has been destroyed, yet in my flesh I will see God. I myself will see him with my own eyes. I, not another. How my heart yearns within me
Job chapter 19 vs 25-27 (NIV)
The story of Job is a common one. He was a man that loved God with the whole of his heart. He did everything that God wanted and he was a man after God’s heart. Job pleased God so very much that even when the Satan asked for the permission to torment him, God testified to Job’s rooted belief in Him and even after He had given the devil the permission to torment Job, God still did not doubt Job’s faith in Him. He boasted about Job to the devil saying “Have you not considered my servant, Job?” (Job 1vs8a). He trusted in Job so much that even when the devil asked for permission to remove the hedge around him and torment Job, He granted it. He did not just say this to the devil, he knew the kind of servant Job was. Can God boast of you to the devil? Can God boldly beat His chest for you and say; of the truth, he is my servant? He gave the devil the permission to remove the hedge over Job because he knew that even in agony, Job would still be faithful to him and God was not disappointed. Even in Job’s unhealthy state, he praised God. He trusted God and believed God would restore him back to health. In Job chapter 42 vs 2, Job said: I know that You (the Lord) can do all things, no plans of yours can be thwarted. Even in pain, Job honoured God, he trusted God wholly and his faith in God was boundless. Job’s faith in God was even stronger when he had lost “everything” he had.
So, brethren, what is faith to you? What do you depict as faith? Are you part of those people that attach faith to only the good things? When things are rosy, you acknowledge God but what happens when he lifts the hedge off you? Will you still acknowledge God? What happens when you loose important things; will your faith in God still be firm? Faith is not only for the good times but also for the bad times. When things are going wrong and it seems like you’re all by yourself, acknowledge God. When you’re failing and people are mocking you, trust God. When it feels like you can never get it right and you’re carrying the world’s burden on your shoulders, never let your faith waver. Job trusted in God and not only did God return his glories but He got everything back in double portion. Job chapter 42 vs 12-downwards showed how God blessed him and his children.
Those period of trials are not just there. Trust God always that what he took away, he will give in double folds. Stand firm in faith, do not let your faith shake for though trouble and sorrow may last the night, Joy surely will come in the morning!

Dako Alice Temitope.

Watch out for Bus Tales 4 by Dennis Agyeman on monday 22nd July 2013.

Thanks to all to went out and identify with #ChildnotBride initiative.



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