Faith Series – Oladunjoye Yomi


Elijah Gideon and Jeremiah::::: It is a matter of status.
1Kg 19:4′ Judge 6: 12-15′ Jeremiah 1: 6-7

Ps 82:6″ For I have said, ye are gods, and are children of the most high”.

You cannot consistently think above and in opposite view to the way you see yourself.
How do you see yourself, the image you have of yourself determines to a great extent your ability to fulfil destiny.
In fact one of the things God abhors is a Christian who doesn’t know his worth,one the reason God took out Elijah out of the picture was because he saw himself in a way that was not consistent with how God saw him and what God had done through him.
Concerning Jeremiah, the first thing God had to sort out with him was the way he saw himself, the Lord emphasised to him that he wasn’t a child but a bearer of his instructions.
In relating with Gideon, God had to work on his thought about himself before he could use him in battle and this is a general rule; God will ensure you raise your thought level and perspective to where you will see yourself the way he sees you before he can mightily use you.
This is compulsory; you must see yourself the way God sees you.
So, if you want to fulfil destiny, how do you see yourself.
Seeing yourself the way God sees you is of utmost importance because it enables you to embrace the glory and future that God has laid in store for you, it was so essential for Jesus to affirm this such that, the first day he went to the temple in adulthood, the only thing he did was to open the scriptures to the portion where the prophecy about him was written, afterwards he told them ‘today the scriptures is fulfilled in your eyes’.

The reason the Holy Spirit kept emphasising through Paul in Galatians to tell the Christians that they were different from slaves was this reason, God cannot use you if you keep seeing yourself in a lesser light than how He sees you, it is a status issue. You aren’t a slave, you are a son. You aren’t physical, you are spiritual, you aren’t a mere man, you are a god. You aren’t a leftover or a dullard, in you lives the Spirit and glory of the eternal and everlasting God, the God that knows all things,

We need to be proud enough to embrace our status and stature in God and His Christ, this was the reason Jesus died for us, humility is not denying our stature and status in Christ. Knowing and Understanding who you are in God is almost as important as fulfilling His mission in us, this is the essence of his death and this was demonstrated in Abram, God had to change his name before the promise of Isaac could be birthed, Jeremiah had to accept the change of status before he could be used by God and same with us, the promise on our lives can never be realised if we don’t recognise and embrace our worth in Him; who we are in him.
If God could take Elijah away because he refused to accept his status in God, then we need to be weary in doing the same thing. The reason he couldn’t work with the Isrealites in the wilderness was because they could not embrace their new status; their brain, mentality, functionality was filled with the life of servant hood, they could not come to terms with the new creatures they were and God had to kill them all.
Your perception of yourself determines the actions you take and the manner you take them. We are not ordinary men, we are gods, spiritual beings birthed by the excruciating pains on the cross, washed by the shed blood of Christ as a mothers blood washes the flesh of her child, delivered from the judgement of hell by the power of attorney Jesus exercised in Hell and translated into the kingdom of the father because Jesus resurrected.
You are more than what you could ever think. Live like the king you are.

Part 2. 1 Sam 17 : 30-37
Two salesmen were sent to an Island to sell shoes, the first salesman, upon arrival, was shocked that no one wore shoes. Immediately he called his headquarters saying, ‘Will return home tomorrow, no one wears shoes.
The second salesman was thrilled by the realisation that no one wore shoes, immediately he called the headquarters saying ‘ send me 10,000 pairs of shoes, everyone needs them here.

Flash back to the battlefront at Shochoh, a giant by the name Goliath terrorise Israel day after day asking them to choose a man bold enough to fight him, but none came forth because they feared his sight and size, but then comes along a 16 year old David who was too shocked to see that others couldn’t see what he saw; he saw that Goliath was so big, His sling wouldn’t miss him with his sling.

The opportunities we see everyday as problems are the same ones that other people see as opportunities. The second salesman saw an immense sales opportunity with the shoeless islanders whereas the first couldn’t see why they would use shoes. David saw Goliath’s size as an advantage to sling him to death whereas others saw the same size and were afraid to dare him.
Can you imagine the number of opportunities that are lost daily due to faulty perceptions and interpretations on our part, can you ever think of the number of deals we allow slip through our hands because we couldn’t think outside of the box?
There is a problem in every opportunity and an opportunity in every problem, you just need to see right. Seeing right means seeing the problem in the right manner and this can only be achieved after we are able to see ourselves in the true light of who we are and this is the reason God is interested in our ability to see ourselves rightly, everything thing that would yield result in our lives flows out of our interpretation of ourselves and it is the reason motivational speakers tell people ‘it is not what happens to you that determine where you end up but what happens in you’.
Our ability to see problems right can be a difference between our success and failure and this is the reason it is compulsory we see ourselves in true light so we can see clearly and see well.
There is no situation that is hopeless enough not to be able to change, but we need to change first.
Therefore, dare to change.

Yomi Oladunjoye
@njmakinwa on twitter

Thanks to Yomi for giving us a double dose of faith tablets today. Watch out for Bus Tales with @toyinfab on Monday 29th July and Wealth series with Taiwo Marayesa on Tuesday 30th July and Thursday 1st August another dose of Bus Tales by @newnaija.

I’m @newnaija

3 thoughts on “Faith Series – Oladunjoye Yomi

  1. this is all I’ve been saying! when a man knows his worth the world becomes not much more than a playground! God has made us joint heirs through Christ hence all that is available to Christ is available to us. when He looks at us He sees Christ! how awesome is that?!

    God bless you richly.


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