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Building an Enduring Wealth: Giving

I’m glad to be back again to connect with you and continue on this journey of creating wealth that will outlive us. Thanks for taking out time to read this piece and also share. Most importantly, I appreciate those who have put to use some of the truths we are being reminded of.

As I entered a branch of one of the leading financial institutions in the country, the security personnel at the entrance gladly opened the door and welcomed me. He ensured I replied his greetings even though I seem to be in a hurry. I greeted the customer service officer informally and proceeded to the counter to make the transactions that brought me into the banking hall. The Operations Manager was not left out because he instructed his colleague to attend to me promptly. This has been a normal re occurrence in many of the places I visited on a regular basis to transact one business or the other.

A flashback to the time I was at the forefront of an organisation providing service, made me realise why I was getting this pleasant treatment. In an organisation where the number of people one attend to on a daily basis cannot be accurately estimated, some people still stands out and can’t be forgotten easily. How come I gave preferential treatment/service to some customers? (To be real and honest, customers are treated differently even though the company policies says ‘the customer is king’, you and I know that we don’t adhere strictly to this policy. The time of the day, our mood at the prevailing time and many other factors that cannot be mentioned here is responsible for the different experience).

A critical examination of the two scenarios above revealed that what I gave and what I received is the underlying factor for the preferential treatment been received and given out. This brings to mind some of the instructions and admonishment given by our Lord and Master (Jesus Christ) and the wisest man who ever lived; King Solomon:

1. Give and you will receive……………Luke 6:38

2. Giving a gift can open doors………….Prov. 18:16

3. Give freely and become more wealthy ………Prov. 11:24

Now, you get what I’m talking about. However, my intention is to mention some new areas we overlook unconsciously while I quickly reiterate some of the truths we already know:

a. Give to God

b. Take care of your family

c. Give to your leaders

d. Remember the poor

The above are the fundamental truths we must continue to practise in order to leave an inheritance for our children’s children.

In this millennium and technology-driven time, we need to move a step higher from the traditional approach to giving. Hence, the new aspect to inculcate into our daily living is to:

1. Have a budget of what to give – I mean have a detailed plan of what to give consistently and periodically.

2. Give ‘tips’ – a small amount of extra money that you give to somebody, for example, somebody who serves you in a restaurant (dictionary meaning). Include it as part of your expenses and you will be surprised at both the present and future benefits that will accrue to you, if it becomes your culture. A word of caution here is not to allow the people who think they are always at the receiving end abuse your good intention. After all, there’s dignity in labour (I hope I’m not sounding ambiguous here because I don’t intend to mention some class of people who think it is their moral right to ask you for it). I’m also not advocating that you contribute your quota to the corruption purse that is clearly displayed in our community.

3. Give deliberately to people who cannot repay you. I mean give anonymously to NGO’s that are pursuing a worthy course. Give to people who won’t come back to say ‘thank you’.

In conclusion, I want to say ‘giving, not getting, is the way (and another milestone we must cross) to build an enduring wealth and because generosity begets generosity.

NB: Bible quotations is from the New Living Translation version (NLT).

Taiwo Marayesa



Let Integrity Be Your Most Treasured Possession

Wow, another aspect of Wealth creation again. Bus Tales 7 by Isaacola AA will be out on Thursday 1st August. Watch out for Bus Tales by @saymalcolm and @nykelodeon next week by Gods grace and possibly ‘Face me,I slap U’.


Isaacola AA

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9 thoughts on “Wealth 4 – Taiwo Marayesa

  1. Jesus said it all in Luke 16:9-“d purpose of money is to:
    1)Bless those in need
    2)Make ppl happy&get friendship out of dem”.
    Dis is definitely not going to be accepted by ppl who are so tied to money who think d way to “get” is to “gather”,who see “giving” as a means to slow down the actualisation of their plans.
    D wisest man in d Old testament said “there is he dat scattereth,yet increaseth;yet there is he dat witholdeth unduly;and eventually tendeth to poverty”.Wealth not based on d strong principle of giving wil not last 1generation!.Their 2day may seem enviable but their children wil lose their legacy.
    Jesus said “whatever U did for any of the ppl in need around you,u did for me-Matt 25”.
    Your true wealth in God’s sight is actually not wot U av but wot U give!



  2. This is a beautiful article – Building an enduring wealth through giving. Kudos on this exertion.


  3. This is an interesting and thought provoking master piece. TY keep it up while we await the full publication of a bestseller financial guide! God bless you.


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