Faith Series

Don't abort the process   As the temple was being built, only stones shaped at the quarry were used; the sound of hammers, pickaxes, or any other iron tool was not heard at the temple while it was being built.  1 Kings 6: 7 New English Translation  The stones were prepared at the same place where … Continue reading Faith Series

Bus Tales 15 – @sagaysagay

Bus Tales 14 here There are two things about good-hearted folks like me. One, we are very few; two, we usually get in trouble in a bid to assist people. I was returning from the office last Friday when I eventually confirmed this. I am still deeply worried as to why people are in … Continue reading Bus Tales 15 – @sagaysagay

INTERFACE 2 – Isaacola AA

Interface 1 here Vrooom vroooom vroooom! The sound seemed to be emanating from everywhere and nowhere in particular. Everything was suspended as a shriek escaped from my innermost being; it was more of an animalistic, guttural scream! Intrigigushi astramugugi aiyakulingo ilkhiyasti kwalhi shanga... The soft, almost soundless sound was coming from million places at … Continue reading INTERFACE 2 – Isaacola AA