Bus Tales 10 – @nykelodeon

Episode 9 here http://wp.me/p333v9-9s Molue Palaver. Here I was at Oshodi waiting for a Molue; a popular means of commuting passengers from one place to another in Lagos. The molue was famous for substandard services rendered by half drunken drivers with buses in such conditions that were not suitable for what they were used for. … Continue reading Bus Tales 10 – @nykelodeon

Bus Tales “9”- @saymalcolm

HBD Olalekan Alimi. A rare gem you are! Episode 8 here http://t.co/jxgoLwTdHR It was a happy day for me. I had just concluded a small business deal that afforded me the money to buy the latest mobile phone in vogue at that time; a Nokia 6630. I was particularly feeling generous that day too so … Continue reading Bus Tales “9”- @saymalcolm