Faith Series – Toyin Alimi & Isaacola AA


The Just shall live by his Faith whilst the unJust shall live by his fear.

That’s not how the Bible states it but that’s how it plays out in reality.

Who is a just man?
The just is he who is blood washed and has no righteousness of his own but that imputed by Christ.

When Fear rules ones heart; depression,uncertainty, doubt and other negative emotions sets in. An otherwise confident, bold and articulate person becomes a lily livered, indecisive and totally confused. Unable to stand up to do what he or she will otherwise do. Fear erodes boldness, waters down confidence and paralyses the nervous system.

When Faith rules the heart, a faint hearted fellow becomes a Lion hearted, daring to face circumstances that he or she would have withdrawn from normally. Faith infuse boldness and strengthens one’s backbone. Faith is not absence of doubt to acting in spite of doubt in debilitating circumstance (rising above ones doubt).

In each life, that is the unJust’s and Just’s, there is a living but one would ask of what quality is the LIVE?

Any thing that is done out of fear is sin. Sometimes I wonder if screaming a fear-filled prayer at the brink of a major accident is faith-filled or fear-filled? The scripture said “if you fail in the time of adversity, your strength is little”.It is better to be quiet in the face of adversity drawing strength from our anchor in the rancour of life, Christ the rock knowing fully well that their is a way of escape designed by God in the adversity than panicking or fearful display of spirituality void of faith.

My thought when I’m faced with life threatening situations has always been that I will go through and come out stronger,better and wiser. I just keep wondering why I had to go through a rough route? But I will always take solace in the word of God that “all things work together for good, to them that love God and are called according to his purpose”. Also “there is no temptation that comes my way that is not common to man…”.

Let us live our lives by faith in Christ Jesus then fear will be on permanent relegation in our lives. Keep on living by faith.


Toyin Alimi & Isaacola AA

I’m @newnaija


2 Replies to “Faith Series – Toyin Alimi & Isaacola AA”

  1. For this to be meaningful it needs a personal touch. I was excited when I saw two authors. This would be a story of personal faith , fear and triumph. We have read/are reading the bible. We have read the books, Tell us your own story, 🙂


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