Wealth 5 – Taiwo Marayesa

Building an Enduring Wealth – Relationship

Wealth 4 here
I’m so happy to be taking the last step in this journey of building an enduring wealth that was started about eight weeks ago. I’m grateful to God for the insight and the grace to rekindle the fire of writing that was last put to use about eight years ago. I appreciate everyone who has taken time to read, comment and share the previous episodes. I’m highly indebted to those who have encouraged me in this journey in the form of feedbacks and those who are already looking forward to this episode. I’m sorry to disappoint those who feel the journey should not end soon. But knowledge is progressive and I can testify (through personal experience) that the milestones we have covered so far are the bedrock and foundation upon which an enduring wealth can be built. Anyone who cannot explain his/her wealth without reference to the pillars we have discussed before now and the one contained in this episode should be questioned and adequately investigated.
Some of the truths discussed earlier are;
1. The critical ingredients for wealth creation are mental activity, time and pen & paper.
2. To build an enduring wealth, you have to give to God, discipline yourself and take risks.
3. Financial discipline cannot be divorced from savings.
4. An Entrepreneurial spirit (meet a need, package the needs into a product or service, crave for knowledge and ask for help).
5. Giving: Having a budget on what to give, give tips and give anonymously to those who can’t repay. 
I can hear you asking that what has ‘relationship’ got to do with becoming one of the richest person in the world or how does ‘relationship’ make one’s name appear in the Forbes’ list of richest men/women in the world? I must say that you are who you are today because of people. I mean people like your parents, teachers, mentors, classmates, room mates, friends,  siblings, neighbours, colleagues, business associates and even enemies (the ones we can see and perceive are not interested in our progress). Divine help is transported and received through human help because many of the truths discussed earlier are not practicable without human beings. An Entrepreneur can only meet human needs and thereby turning it into a profitable venture. You need people to relate with and take risks with. No man is an island because no one was created to be self-sufficient. You need what others have while others also need what you have. In other words, you must treasure and genuinely care for people whom God brings across your path, if you intend to leave an inheritance for your children’s children.
Permit me to say that the value you place on people to a large extent determines the value you will receive in form of economic or financial resources. Have you ever wondered why the seemingly expensive products sell? I mean irrespective of the cost of a range rover, the product is still selling and the company that manufactures it will continue to be in business (except they have a bad management who stops listening to its customers). Many times, we choose quality over quantity simply because of our perception. I’d rather buy a good from a known retailer than buy from an unknown retailer at a cheaper price. My purchasing power is highly dependent on the value I place on myself rather than the cheap cost of some products (at least, I deserve something good). The point here is that value is only exchanged for value, whatever you receive is a function of whatever you give. Hence, if you intend to accumulate enough wealth that will outlast you, then you should give enough value that people are willing to spend their last penny on.
However, what you give may be received or come back to you in a different form because some things in life are not measurable. How do you measure the support given to a friend during his trying times? The only reward the friend may offer is appreciation and prayer, which is a convertible resource. In other words, value given may be measurable while the value received cannot be measured or vice versa. but the most important thing is to give value. You are likely going to be remembered only for what you gave. Haven’t you wondered why the most intelligent and talented are easily forgotten? But the people who never left the world the way they met it, remain forever green in our memory.
I do not intend to become philosophical but to remind us that, in the journey to building an enduring wealth, we must:
1. Treasure our relationships.
2. Genuinely care for people by meeting their needs and not be profit/gain oriented alone. Economic/financial resources will inevitably flow back to us based on the value we give out.
3. Give value.
Once again, I thank God for the grace to begin and end this write-up. I appreciate my ‘oga’ @ the top (Isaac Kola – who was once my HOD and who is still relevant in God’s agenda for this generation) for co-operating with God to provide a platform such as this. I’m grateful to the faithful and religious ‘readers’ of this series. I must confess I won’t be here if you were not there. I celebrate you all and pray we will meet at the top someday and somewhere.
I may resume writing on some other issues sooner than expected but trusting God for wisdom and insight. It has been a delightful experience for me.
PS: I’m available for questions and clarifications and won’t mind becoming your PFC – Personal Financial Consultant.
Taiwo Marayesa
Let Integrity Be Your Most Treasured Possession

Many thanks to Taiwo for taking time out of her busy schedule to write this series. I am grateful. We are looking forward to another exciting series from her soon. Bus Tales continues tomorrow with @IAm_Tomi.

I’m @newnaija

One thought on “Wealth 5 – Taiwo Marayesa

  1. Awesome! Awesome! One most important thing for me about this series is that it’s simplistic & practicable. I love the consistent flow. And truly Taiwo Marayesa is indeed an example. Thank you for the piece.


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