Random Musing – Isaacola AA

It is easier in life to dish out advice, both solicited or otherwise. When next you are dishing out your so called words of wisdom, put yourself in their shoes. Of what use is an advice that is not dished out in calm tone? It is better to be quiet than to make people feel worse because of your words of admonishments. The cow is enduring with great self control, knife on the neck is never palatable – Oju ni maalu nro, obe o da lorun.

Where ever you are in life, help as many as possible. You never know who is actually going to be of help to you in the nearest future. Your children may be beneficiaries to some kind gesture you did many years back. Your gate-man, washer-man, house help or that small messenger may hold the key to your breakthrough! Never look down on anybody!

Acquisition of knowledge is good but putting it to use is better! The good book said “what Jesus began to do and to teach”. Be more focused on practising the truth you have gleaned so far from the numerous books you have read or else, the purpose of reading is defeated!

Make it a point of duty to put a smile on the face of someone as you step out today! Love you all.


3 thoughts on “Random Musing – Isaacola AA

  1. We just like to sound like we know it all. Sometimes we have to put ourselves in the shoe of the poor fellow down now because if we are exposed to their situation our sanctimonious stand will begin to wane and rationalisation sets in.

    Thanks Seun.


  2. These are just 3 of many random musings I believe. I was once in a terrible situation and a friend was trying to show how to do a few things. I just looked at him (indifferently) and said thanks.
    The same set of people who have looked down on some of us are the same who now ask for favours along that line. I’m a testimony to that.
    Good piece overall. Bless


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