INTERFACE 2 – Isaacola AA

Interface 1 here

Vrooom vroooom vroooom! The sound seemed to be emanating from everywhere and nowhere in particular. Everything was suspended as a shriek escaped from my innermost being; it was more of an animalistic, guttural scream!

Intrigigushi astramugugi aiyakulingo ilkhiyasti kwalhi shanga…

The soft, almost soundless sound was coming from million places at the same time, rising gradually until it filled my entire world with such loudness that it was beyond human bearable level.

It began like a chant from a zillion “mullah” ascending into the realm of the “spiritum” but it soon percolated into a distinct tenor and soprano combined from a professional singer.

Suddenly, a formless being began to emerge from the darkness in front of me. Limbless limb jutting out of the amoebic leviathan. With lactating mammary gland filling its bodice. Feather-like fur covered it up like a deposed Nebucadnezar.

I had learnt early in life to confront my fears and torment my tormentors. Therefore, I approached the “ebili” with the ferocity of a lion and the fierceness of a hungry lioness. I tore off the head in one swoop and in its place grew two heads, looking more fierce than the former.

Hyper-ventililation was an understatement! I jumped up and picked a sword from the thin air and tore its stomach open. Alas, in place of intestine and the normal internal organs, its innards were filled with poisonous snakes with two heads all barring their fangs in evil grin.

I refused to be deterred, I attacked with a new vigour. Sickle appeared from no where as I cut off one hand and the major part of a head.

The beast’s metamorphosis looked more like a fairy tale as it transformed into a lion, cow, elephant and flying hipopotamus, all within a twinkle of an eye .Then it happened! The beast opened its big mouth. Fire emanated and singed all the hair on my head. Multi-tentacled claw-like fangs appeared from the base of the half severed head to swallow me and I woke up from the paralysed fetal position I had assumed, awaiting the beast…

My heart was beating so fast, Usein Bolt and the cheetah would be shamed in contest. Drenched to my briefs and I gulped air rapidly to maintain a semblance of balance. Ummm, it was just a nightmare.

I’m @newnaija


Ebili is the Igala language word for devil.

7 thoughts on “INTERFACE 2 – Isaacola AA

  1. It’s a mystery to know d mind from which all of these thoughts are emerging from,actually studied SCIENCE,in all his years of acquiring academic degrees,as well as his decade of professional practice in d field of SCIENCE.
    You are a proof dat one is always more on d inside than d world can see.
    I am proud to be associated with you Sir.


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