Faith Series

Don’t abort the process

  As the temple was being built, only stones shaped at the quarry were used; the sound of hammers, pickaxes, or any other iron tool was not heard at the temple while it was being built.
 1 Kings 6: 7
New English Translation

 The stones were prepared at the same place where they were cut from the ground. Since these stones were the only ones used to build the Temple, there was no noise of hammers, axes, or any other iron tools at the Temple.

1 Kings 6: 7
New Century Version

 And the house, when it was in building, was built of stone made ready before it was brought thither: so that there was neither hammer nor axe nor any tool of iron heard in the house, while it was in building

1 Kings 6: 7
King James Version

We are looking at the building blocks of the temple today. As we all know, we are the temple of God in this dispensation but a salient point we will be looking at in reference to Solomon’s temple is “the stones used in the building were worked on at the quarry so that they just fit in into the building at the temple”.

We were told in all the versions afore mentioned that all the stones used in the temple building were worked on at the quarry before being used in the temple. The professional knows exactly where the stone will be fitting in the whole scheme of the building therefore He fashioned the stone exactly for fit into its intended space and frame.

The stones were so worked on at the quarry that there was no need for hammering and chiselling on the building itself. Friends,there is an intended purpose you are to fit in  the whole scheme of the body of Christ (the Church). You are being prepared for a specific assignment and you should be patient enough to complete the process or else it will lead to hammering and chiselling creating noise and dissatisfaction in the whole body.

Allow God the master builder to perfect the work he intends in your life in the secret before jumping out please. Don’t allow impatience which is the hallmark of this age to push you into aborting the process.

A caterpillar undergoing the process of turning into a butterfly, if helped in the process without completing its cycle,  will bring forth a deformed butterfly. So also, allow God to perfect what he has started in you before jumping out please!

It reminds me of a story I heard like a decade ago,” a man that God intends to use mightily in the healing and miracle campaign just noticed that through his prayer, headache and stomach upset disappear, he jumped the process and started a mushroom church where he ended up sleeping with all the members of the choir!” You and I know that the world wide ministry has already been sacrificed on the altar of impatience.

Wait for your time! He that believe will not make haste! There is a plan and purpose for your life designed by God, allow him to do a thorough job in you and you will end up as a “masterpiece” in fulfilling His end time programme.


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5 thoughts on “Faith Series

  1. When you spell TIME from d last letter to d 1st letter,what word will U spell?Ye,u got it! “EMIT”.
    EMIT means to SHINE!!!.It takes TIME to EMIT.
    Patience is d ability to wait without being angry or anxious until what is yours becomes manifest!


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