Faith series – Femi Obadina

God’s Will

Where were you before you were born to your earthly Parents?
Are you the owner of your life?
Are you in this world because you  told God to send you here?
Are you sure you are not subconsciously living your life like you own it,pursuing dreams and taking decisions that are “you” inspired and not God inspired?
Did God create you primarily for your own pleasure or for His own pleasure?
Do you know that God may be deriving pleasure from the very things that may be causing you pain and delay just for a greater glory  to be revealed?

You don’t see anything wrong when God uses the trials and challenges of other people to teach you divine lessons but you’re not ready to let God allow you to go through trials and challenges that make you an object for divine lessons for you and others to learn from. When Jesus taught his disciples to pray,he admonished them to pray that the Will of God be done on earth as it is done in Heaven.

True Prayer is not just about bringing God a prayer-list of all we want him to do but it is about INVOKING the WILL OF GOD to be done in our lives! How many of us want only the will of God for our lives and nothing else? How many of us are consumed with passions,desires,aspirations and “goodies” that God has not specifically endorsed for us,even if these passions,desires and”goodies” are found in the Bible?

Not every promise in the Bible is specifically for you right now! Are you sure you are not being influenced by the “earthly goods” or specific endowments you see in the lives of others and are ready to blackmail God to do yours so as to  “endorse your salvation” before people?

Eccl 6:9 says “enjoy what you have rather than desiring what you don’t have. Just dreaming about nice things is meaningless-like chasing the wind”.Verse 10 says “everything has already been decided. It was known long ago what each person would be. So there’s no use arguing with God about your destiny”.(NLT)

It is ingratitude to despise what you have just because of the things you don’t have.

Contentment is natural wealth,luxury is artificial wealth. Contentment is a pearl of great price,whoever will procure it at the expense of 10,000 desires is wise.

How many of us are consumed with the things that will not really matter if Jesus were to come today to rapture us? As we have targets to buy cars, build houses and run businesses,how many of us in the same way, have targets to continually win souls for Christ?

How much are you adding value to the lives of others? How much treasure have you laid in Heaven by blessing the world with every grace that God has appropriated to you?

True Faith is not just a weapon we need to name “it” and claim “It” but it is a spiritual tenacity that helps us to accept God’s Will at all times and to be continually ready to add value to the kingdom despite the contradictory conditions that surround us and not be carried away by the distractions of earthly pursuits.

Femi Obadina

Faith series comes up every saturday.


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