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I have an unflinching opinion that it is a shame to be a child of God and be a failure. It is an insult to the body of Christ to be a Christian, yet still be mediocre.

I find it difficult to explain why a child of God should be poor, dull, uninspiring, lacking ideas. I do not understand why a child of God shouldn’t be a trend setter, why a christian shouldn’t be a role model; yet most christians prefer to live just as ordinary men, forgetting that the bible even said we are gods.

Most Christians have this problem because they fail to realize some basic facts. They fail to latch on to some things that have already been made available to us. As christians, we are connected to the most potent force on earth, hence we have the ability to do great things, yet we fail to see beyond our noses.

I get very angry when I hear christians say they have nothing to do with politics, I feel bad when I see them run away from leadership positions. Have we forgotten about the Melchizedek order, have we forgotten that we are kings and priests..?

A bible passage sets me on fire whenever I read it. Micah 4: 1-4 fully gives me an understanding of my place in the grand scheme of things. It makes me understand that I am the Temple of the Lord; and during the last days, the Temple will become the most important place on earth. This passage makes me see that several nations will come to me for advice and I will settle international disputes. Yes!!! That’s who I am, an international mediator, an international celebrity, not a local champion.

Psalm 119:99a tells me that I have more understanding than my teachers. Ha!!! When I read this, I’m confident that I can’t be an academic failure.

I move on to Colossians 2:3, which says that in Him lie ALL the treasures of wisdom and knowledge…this means that because I’m connected to Him, I have an access to the keeper of all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge, why should I suffer from low capacity at my place of work?7

I can’t be a failure when 1John 2: 20-21 makes me see that because I have the Holy Spirit, I know the difference between truth and falsehood.

You need to unlock these secrets by regularly confessing them into your lives. You can’t be a child of God and suffer from mediocrity, an average mindset…NO, you are rather a shining star. Remember, you are the light of the world…

With all these promises. get up and develop yourself in the field of endeavor you choose. build up yourself to the extent you become an authority in that arena. You have the Spirit of the living God living inside of you. Stir it up, read, train yourself and think outside the box!

Finally, the day I found out this secret, I couldn’t help myself; I just burst out speaking in tongues. It was an awesome experience. 1Cor 2:9-11 totally explains it all. It tells me that the Holy Spirit can actually search for the deep secrets of the earth…and reveal them to me. It tells me that I have access to the best kept secrets of the earth.

With this, why can’t I be better than Einstien?why can’t I be better than all these celebrities? Why shouldn’t you have ground breaking ideas that will set you on high? why shouldn’t you know how to do things in ways people never thought of..?

In conclusion, I leave you with the words of one of my Mentors – Sam Adeyemi. He once said ‘when there are problems, and people don’t know how to solve them; they should know who to go to…YOU’

Be +ve…
Be Great…
Be Excellent…

Akan Imoh is a Journalist who believes in excellence & unique insights from the Holy Ghost. He is @Ovasabii on twitter.

Faith Series comes up every saturday by God’s grace. Send your article on faith series to or contact @newnaija on twitter.


3 thoughts on “Faith Series – @ovasabii

  1. Could it be Possible that God makes His blessings manifest in our lives in line with His divine purpose for each of us?
    Could it be possible for me to want the kind of wealth Aliko Dangote has and premise my desire as a package of my inheritance in Christ,while God is saying “no my son,u can fulfill ur destiny and impact humanity like I desire u to without necessarily having such material wealth”?
    Could it be possible dat d master who gave 5talents to one,2talents to d other and 1talent to yet another,actually gave dem according to His divine purpose for each of dem and according to each of their individual ability which they may each not be aware of but dat God of course is fully aware of?
    Could it be possible dat it may not be God’s Will for me to be a widely known celebrity worldwide for me to reach those He has sent me to?
    Could it be possible dat I may be pursuing great heights of status and achievements while God wants me in perceived lower levels I may be looking away from and missing out in d real ministry He has endorsed for me?
    True living is really about surrendering to His Will.Every Opendoor may not be dat which opens to d room God has destined for U.
    Care to ask Him,if dat earnest pursuit of urs is what He has endorsed for U.
    David in d Bible bought all d materials to build d temple but when He asked God if He could go ahead,God said “it is not my will for U to be d One to build d temple”.
    Was it not a good thing to build?Did he not have all he needed to build it?Will God not take glory,if a temple was erected in His name?
    Yet,God said “yes,it’s a goodthing but I have not endorsed it for U”.NOT EVERY GOODTHING IS ENDORSED FOR YOU TO TAKE.


    1. We need to understand that God is the Master Strategist…he is totally in charge of our lives, and actually runs it as He pleases…

      But one part of the bible I find joy in is where He says in Jeremiah that His thoughts towards us are thoughts of peace, thoughts to brings us expected ends…


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