Interface 3


Interface 2 here

I stood outside my flat overlooking the street at midnight, trying to take in some fresh air as we were mandated to switch off every power generating set by 11pm at the latest!

Suddenly, an unusual breeze associated with the superstitious “spiritum” phenomenon in African myth blew over me raising goose pimples or will I say bumps all over me… My feet seems to be levitating ; defying the law of gravity. My eyes were bulging out of the sockets as if it will burst out like an overblown balloon, all the strands of hair on my head were responding to an unseen caller, calling them to attention… standing like “idumota soldier”.

What! I saw a  freshly dug grave open in similitude of that in a Wacko Jacko video “Thriller”, a white cladded amorphous being emerged. A  rapidly changing formless form emerges from the open grave in slow motion. It stood up erect like ‘soldier on the parade ground’. The gentle breeze swaying the white grace cloth away from the eerie face revealing a socketful eyeballess gore gazing at my general direction intensely.

The being stepped out and waved in the easterly direction and “vroom” it turned into a banker like gentleman fully clothed in a stripped two buttoned suit.

I open my mouth to scream and I passed out completely, when I wake up in what looked like eternity, I find myself on my bed and lo it was just a minutes past midnight.

Hmm… just a dream.

I’m @newnaija on twitter


15 thoughts on “Interface 3

  1. Mehn! Are u trying to scare me Isaac. Nice scary tale but how can scary be nice eh. Ahh – not a fan of scary movies/tales o. I gotta plead the blood of Jesus round about me to dispel any lingering feelings from your hammer-house-of-horror tales. I’m out!!!


  2. Hmm, I’m one of those people who ‘jump and pass’ horror. Horror movies, horror fiction, horror anything. But because of how nice your stories are, I somehow make it through your peices before I realise I should have run away fast. 🙂
    You keep getting better sir. Well done!!!


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