Anger – Isaacola AA

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I send digestion,
Assimilation, and
Even cell production,
Body maintenance,
Blood circulation and
Immunological defences
On leave
Render them ineffective
And greatly reduce
Their efficiency

I eat up your
Intestinal lining
Induce ulcerous
Lacerations and increase
Your tendency to
Die young

Though you are
Justified having
Me around, but
You have the choice-
How long I can stay

My end results are
Numerous but at least
Headache, digestive
Imbalance, insomnia,
Anxiety, depression,
High blood pressure,
Heart attack and
Stroke are some of
My few gifts to you

My name is ANGER
And I always
Leave you battered and
Worse than I met
You, except you
Make yourself
Master over me
By taking charge…

I’m @newnaija
Isaacola AA


10 thoughts on “Anger – Isaacola AA

  1. Hmmm!, deep, very deep. Anger is really somtin to put in check, I love dis lines ==
    Though you are
    Justified having
    Me around, but
    You have the choice-
    How long I can stay.
    D fact is we can get angry, buh d question is “for aw long”
    God will give us d grace to overcome anger and handle it well. NYC job as usual Isaac


  2. Anger sometimes define human. To some, their negative side is when they are angry while others you just can’t predict. Human are meant to get angry at least every 1800sec over one thing or the other but what matters is how you can control it. Don’t let your anger get the better off you.


  3. ANGER is pronounced “Hang her”!.
    Whatever can hang her can also hang him!
    Anger respects no GENDER and it’s definitely not TENDER but always come to RENDER cos it’s a BENDER of positivity;making U a LENDER of negative energies rather than a MENDER of reason for anger until u become a SENDER of rage and dat’s adding letter “D” in front of the word ANGER!.


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