Faith Series – Femi Obadina


Eccl 6:9-10. Enjoy what you have rather than desire what you don’t have. Dreaming about nice things is meaningless-like chasing after the wind. Everything has already been decided. It was decided long ago what each person would be. So there’s no use arguing with God about your destiny. (NLT)

1 John 5:14. Now this is the confidence we have in Him that if we ask anything according to His divine Will, He hears us.(NKJV)

One basic understanding you ought to have if you have identified with God is the understanding of divine will. You must first understand the fact that you are a creature of the creator. You don’t own yourself. You are not the one that told God to send you to the earth. Billions of years ago, you did not even know where you were or who you were but God knew you. He was the one that decided you should come to the earth. He was the one that decided which country you should be born and which family you should be born into. God could have created you as a dog, cat, mosquito, fly, ant, tree or worm, after all; these are also His creatures that are fulfilling His divine will. Rather, He chose  you to be a human being that you may share of His nature. God did not create you primarily for your own pleasure but for His own pleasure! That which is giving Him pleasure and glory, may be the very things that are causing you pain and delay.

 Every creature has a creator. Every manufacturer has a product. No manufacturer manufactures a product without first determining the purpose of that product and then he/she builds the product to the specification he/she has pre-determined and then builds in that product the capacity to fulfil the purpose for which it was created.

You are God’s product. He formed you according to His specification to fulfil a specific purpose/divine will that He pre-determined. He did not bring you to earth for you to live how you want but He brought you here for you to live how He wants. He did not bring you here to pursue your dreams, desires, aspirations, satisfaction, achievements and fulfilment. He brought you here for you to pursue His specific dream for you i.e. His specific purpose for your life.

 Most of us believe that “every” good promise in the bible is for us to name and claim. You must know that the bible contains God’s general will but what God is doing in your life is specific. He may have decided to give to one, 5 talents, to another 2 talents and to yet another, 1 talent. He does this, not according to the desires of the mortal subjects but according to His divine will for each of them which informed the measure of abilities He has put in each of them.

True living really is all about surrendering to His divine will.  Even though God gave you a will of your own, He really gave you that will for you to surrender it to His will. That’s what you do with your will; you surrender it to His  will. In Matthew 26:42, Jesus said “O My Father, if this cup is not supposed to pass away from me unless I drink it, then I surrender my will, let your own Will be done”. To be a Christian is to be like Christ. How many of us, in our pursuit of fulfilment and satisfaction humbly make such statement as made by Jesus above? We always assume that all our pursuits and achievements are to His glory and so we just go on pursuing dreams and desires that He has not specifically approved for us.

King David desired to build God a temple and had all the money and materials to build it; yet God said “you are not the one that will build me the temple”. In life you must understand that just because you can does not always mean you ought. That you are so passionate about something does not mean that God has endorsed it for you. The bible says “…in all ways, acknowledge Him first and He will take over to direct you in the right part”. When Jesus taught his disciples to pray in Matt 6, he said “pray in this manner…your will be done….”  Our prayer meetings should be time to invoke or provoke God’s specific Will to be done in each of our lives. We have however turned our prayer meetings into blackmail Centres where we query God for not giving us what He gave to someone else and then ask Him to do “our own” for us; to prove to us that He is not a partial God. We most times just say with our lips that God is in control but in actuality, we have not really allowed him absolute control over our lives. Most of us are in charge of our lives, doing what we desire without God’s endorsement and leading.

Faith is not just naming and claiming every “good” thing. It is declaring and living in the consciousness of “Lord Let your divine will be done in my life as you have planned it in Heaven”

Thanks to Femi Obadina (Pastor), he will be writing Faith Series through out the month of October every saturday. Next week saturday is another date.

Soonest we will be running two series on this blog fortnightly, one by Taiwo Marayesa (of Wealth series) and the other will be by a different writers focusing on discovering your purpose. First instalment is by @emini_ANOTI.

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