Be thankful – Isaacola AA

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We are naturally ungrateful because of the ‘so called’ little things of life we desire but don’t have. For example, we take for granted the fact that we sleep and wake up everyday in good health. We focus more on what we don’t have rather than be grateful for the things we have. We are envious of what we don’t have and forget to appreciate God for the ‘seemingly’ little things that we have.

I came across a quote; ‘true happiness comes from what you have and not from what you don’t have’. The impact of this is so glaring that I had to pause and appreciate God for so many little things of life. I was at the paediatric ward of LASUTH Ikeja throughout last week and what I saw within those six days there was too difficult to comprehend.

Two children died; one on Tuesday and the other on Saturday. What really amazed me was the second child, whom I presume should be about ten years old. His mother  was wailing uncontrollably because that was her last living child according to her. I couldn’t but join the woman in shedding some bottled up tears to relieve my soul of the burden of seeing another human being in pains.

I saw children suffering from all manners of disease, first at the emergency ward and then at the general paediatric ward. The sight of mothers and fathers running to and fro the pharmacy in the dead of the night. Children being fed liquid or semi-liquid food through the nose, days old baby taking drip through a vein in the head, jaundiced baby under some kind of light, emaciated tuberculosised baby about three years old but looking like a year old, some parents begging for money to buy prescribed drug for their sick children, the list is endless.

After the six gruesome days I spent there, all the stress and complaints of lack of sleep became insignificant as I began to see reasons why I had to be extremely grateful for life. Why should I be ungratefully crying for shoes when so many had no legs. Please, be thankful!

Irrespective of whatever situation you are in. One of the greatest gifts of God to us on a daily basis is the ‘gift of life’. Only the living has hope.


Isaacola AA


4 Replies to “Be thankful – Isaacola AA”

  1. Hmmmm. Very thoughtful piece.
    The ‘little’ favours that we take for granted, the things we see as our rights, refusing to acknowledge that they are just privileges.
    For everyday, I choose to be thankful and grateful.
    God bless you for this


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