Faith Series – FEMI OBADINA


Eccl 3:9-11. What do people really get for all their hard work? I have seen the burden God has placed on us all. Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time, He has planted eternity in the human hearts but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to the end.

Last week’s topic was “the gospel of Divine Will”, which was to remind us that we were not created primarily for “our” own pleasure but for “His” pleasure and how that true living is all about surrendering to His Divine Will.

This week , we want to remind ourselves that God has got everything “timed”. God never started the work of creation until He had concluded it. He programmed the whole “movie” called “earthly existence” and then pre-determined the part each of us was to play. He even slay Jesus before the foundation of the earth was laid (Rev 13:8), so that there was a visible show at Calvary; of that which really had already been done before the earth was formed (1 Peter 1:18-20). He predestined a Will for each creature even before creating them. Beforehand He decided where each of us will be born, how we are to function and how long we are to live on the earth (Acts 17:26-28, Ps 139:13-16). He only started the work of creation after He had concluded all His plans. There was no plan of His that He did not place a “time tag” for its fulfilment, be it  global plans or individual plans .

Little wonder the preacher said “there is time for every activity and a season for performance of every purpose under heaven”. Everything God is doing in our lives has timing. God is neither fast nor slow. He only makes everything in our lives, beautiful at the time He says is right (Eccl 3:9-11).

When Abraham was 75years, God gave him a promise that he would have a child, even though He (God) knew He will bring it to pass when Abraham will be 100years of age. Zachariah, the father of John the Baptist wanted a child but God did not give him any, until it was time for Jesus to come into the world. It was then that God felt the time was right for him to have a child. Before age 30, Jesus usual statement was “my time has not yet come”. He did not do any mighty work until God to endorsed the right time. David was anointed to be king while he was 17 but he had to wait 13years before he could sit on the throne. Joseph had a dream at 17 but waited 13years before the dream became reality. A man in John 9 who was born blind could not see until he met with Jesus. The scribes, Sadducees and Pharisees asked Jesus whose sin it was that caused the man to be born blind. Jesus simply made them know that it was no one’s sin but simply a fall out of the sin of Adam and that among all the miracles that God had endorsed for him (Jesus) to perform before time the man’s miracle was one of them. Even faith respects timing. No faith is strong enough to deliver to you when God is saying it’s not time yet! God is the one who determines when the time is ripe. They sent for Jesus when Lazarus was sick but God did not give him a go ahead to heal Lazarus until the man was dead for days and was already “maggot food”.That was when God felt it was the right time. God may not always make it happen at the time you think He should but He surely will make it happen at the right time. God’s time is the best.

That major thing you’re believing Him for that you hitherto have not experienced, may not be delayed because of sin, curse, demonic hindrance, lack of prayer, lack of faith, disobedience to instruction or lack of capacity but it could just be that it simply isn’t time but guess what? it won’t be long. You will handle your long awaited promise. You have already paid your dues as per having to wait. You have rejoiced with others in time past, others will soon come and rejoice with you.

Patience is the ability to wait without being angry or anxious until you handle what God has called yours. God will always make it happen for you at the time He considers right. It won’t be long any more. Your case is on God’s divine timetable. The vision is for an appointed time. The testimony is for an appointed time. The appointed time is just around the corner. Keep holding on CHANGE WILL COME.

Femi Obadina

Faith Series comes up every saturday. Femi will be writing FS throughout October and @ikeamadi will be exhorting us in the first saturday of November.

Isaacola AA


One Reply to “Faith Series – FEMI OBADINA”

  1. Hmmm, really blessed by dis write-up especially dis part i luv most’that major thing u’re believing in him 4 dat u hitherto av nt xperienced may nt be delayed cos of sin, curse, demonic hindrance, lack of prayer, faith, disobedience 2 instructn or lack of capability, it cud just be dat it simply isn’t time’.nyc write-up, i just av d believe inside of me dat truly change wil definitely kum wen God says it’s time.


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