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Seeing my life today, I have the cause to attribute quite a lot to decisions made at different times, in different situations and for different reasons. For many, I am grateful. For some, I kick myself and for some others, well, its all just there.

I am lucky to have less overbearing people as parents and would say a big thanks to them for letting me make many of the decisions that have shaped my life thus far. At least that way they do not get the blame for my failures because I made my choices all by myself. Rather, I get their blessings and support.

Even though I wrote the entrance examinations into Federal Government College and International School Ibadan (ISI), I ended up at Olivet Heights due to my love for being in the Boarding House. To be honest, I knew the entrance exams were just formality as I’ve gone to my mom on her arrival from work one day to tell her I wanted to go to Olivet Heights. I wanted Olivet because of our neighbour’s son then who attended the school and was in same age group with me.

Of course while at Olivet Heights, my life took a turn from my ‘butter-ishness’. No Momma’s rice, no ready washed and ironed school uniform, no pampering. I learned a lot more about being decisive and factual. I saw life from a different perspective. The ‘little boy in me’ screamed Ibadan all the time but it was a phase I could not have been more grateful for. Even when I had cried and felt I was suffering in school while my people at home were enjoying, I look back at those times and feel very grateful for that experience. It was one of the life shaping experiences I had.

Time came to make the step up to senior secondary school and owing to my desire to be back in Ibadan, I took the entrance into a College of Science. That was where the first slight divergent view my Dad expressed manifested. He saw my natural inclination towards the Arts but saw my desire to be in the Sciences. Despite that, he gave me all the support I needed although he still said regularly that I would do better as an Arts student. The choice for me was made, and I am glad I did.

As young as I was then, I knew I could construct sentences effortlessly due to the solid background my journalist Dad gave to us as kids. I wanted uncharted territories, something that would be more challenging. Of course I got that in the Sciences. Physics and Chemistry showed me hell! I failed regularly but I was willing to do better, and that I did. Improving before my O/Levels and making my papers, though I failed Chemistry well. I cannot even balance equation till now (*covers face).

English Language was always an easy ride. I never prepared for the exams. It was not challenging enough and I knew I would possible have had it easier in the Arts. While success is appealing, of what use is it when you stroll into it without having anything to show as challenging and demanding efforts?

I initially wanted to study Computer Engineering. Of course, I got a score that gave me Animal Science after my pre-degree. I had the option of changing departments but I did not study hard enough to make the required grade. I was always writing poems and stories, and reading novels when I should be in class. The result was the weak grades I had that made ‘crossing’ impossible. I stayed back in my Animal Science and today I am fulfilled. It was a choice made by the higher force governing my life.

Today, I look back with happiness at my life and the choices I have made. If I had been an engineering student, maybe I would have graduated five years late. I simply was not cut out for the Engineering life. Though, some of my friends that studied one engineering course or another are more financially stable than I am today, I find fulfilment in my Animal Science and my little writing. I am happy doing my writings in my farm office while having the birds I tend to at the back of my mind.

A sneak peek at my emotional part is something else. I take a look at the ‘what-might-have-beens’ and the ‘assumptions’. It gives me this feeling I do not like but is quickly replaced it by the “His perfect will and not my permissive will” though.

I started dating someone who was a very good friend in my year two. We were always together. She was supportive and was everything I had prayed for. Very supportive during the terrible times and all. Lo and behold, after six years, she wanted away. I was shattered, I was an emotional wreck for more than a year. I hated the female folk. I did not want to have anything to do with any woman. All that has now passed and today, when I take it into perspective, I understand why we did not go to the next stage. I am sometimes tempted to see it as a waste of time but I steel myself from the thoughts of it being a misadventure and see it as one of the lessons one has to learn in life. When people ask me when I am getting married now, I just tell them it is my life, it is a choice I will make with God’s help, and when the time is right, they would know.

When I get my big head engaged in one of my numerous thinking sessions, I get different tunes from the choices and decisions I have made. Grateful, happy and contented by the good ones. Not so impressed by the bad ones and learned a lot of lessons as I trudge on in the journey of life.


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Isaacola AA


17 thoughts on “Life n Choices 2 – @Oscarpoems

  1. I’ve learnt not to worry about the “what might have been” scenarios anymore. Glad you’re finding your way too.
    P.s. – You say the lady “wanted away” …do you mean she passed away or went away?


    1. She wanted a break-up and as it was difficult to convince her to stay, I had to let her go. We remain very good friends though, that we were before dating.
      Thanks a bunch for taking time to read.


  2. Ability to make decisions for oneself and stand by those decisions is what separates men from boys, and humans from animals. It’s good you learned that a long time ago, from experience, of course. I was recently searching for a “she” and I’ve found quite a lot of species flying different flags. Hmmmm. One quality I so desire in them is : ability to make good decisions and enforce them fearlessly. My discovery- not many are able to meet up to that standard. The sad truth is that just as it applies to women, it applies to men.


    1. Thanks for taking time to read. Many of these decisions have to be taken. With being factual, and allowing the will of God prevail, we sure would make less mistakes.


  3. Nice write-up! It was quite impressive and I got more engrossed from the part where u said the lady left after about six yrs. Am passing through the same phase too presently so I know how much the feeling of been dejected could be. More grease to your elbow and may your ink keep flowing IJN. Amen


    1. Passing through that emotional phase could be terrible. Remember however how God gave Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego an angel while they went through the fire.
      Bottomline is take the lessons, move on and never stop loving.
      Thanks for reading


  4. All these & many more are some of things we have to go through in life. They all form us & serve as life experiences. We are to learn from dem. Beautifully written.


  5. Such an inspiring write up. Anyway dats oscar 4 u. Always writing. I simply wish i will have the kind of luxury to put down a write up like this. In ten years time i promise to write somtin like this. Nice job


  6. Great piece bro! It brought back memories of the times we had in the ‘Animal Science’ classes and Exam halls where our prowess in GNS covers our flaws in the core departmental courses. Sometimes I wonder and ask if we were not suppose to be in that class but I realise its one of the routes destiny has laid out for us to tread. The future can only get better. More ink to your ‘Eleganza’ Biro. Lol


    1. You can’t be more correct Lawrence. There were times I questioned what I was doing in APH when most times lecturers’ gbagauns won’t pass me by.
      Truth is Animal Science, which was then called APH in LAUTECH isn’t one of the easiest places to be but we learnt to thrive as plants in the midst of thorns.
      We’re better off today bro.
      Thanks for your time


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