Faith Series – FEMI OBADINA


Heb 4:16 “Let us come boldly unto THE THRONE OF GRACE that we may obtain mercy and find GRACE to help in time of need”.

We have considered the gospel of divine will, which was to remind us all that we were not created primarily for our own pleasure but for ‘His’  and how that true living is all about surrendering to His divine will. We have also considered the gospel of divine timing, which was a reminder that God is neither slow nor fast but will always make manifest  everything beautiful in our lives at the time He considers right; so, we must humble ourselves and allow His timetable for our lives, like Abraham did.

This week, God wants us to fill our grace account, continually. In the world of banking, there is the CURRENT account and the SAVINGS account and you make withdrawals with your check book or debit card. However, before you can make withdrawals there should have been initial deposits and you cannot withdraw more than the amount you have in the account and you are not supposed to withdraw the minimum balance, except you want to close the account.

 In same way, at salvation, we opened THE GRACE account with a minimum balance (Eph 4:7). We are supposed to make deposits into that account so that in our time of need, we will have enough grace in our account to help us. Spending time with God in prayer and  receiving His word is that which fills our grace account. A lot of people have run out of grace as they journey through life. They begin to wonder why they are trapped in confusion and failures. God wants grace to be sufficient in our grace account. The ball is however in your court to fill your grace account as you continually come boldly unto the throne of grace to receive mercy and find enough grace which you can store up in your spirit-man, for it to pour forth and flood your circumstances, in your time of need.

The scripture says “if you faint or fall in the day of adversity, it is a proof that your strength is small” (Prov 24:10). Grace is His strength which becomes your strength when the transfer is done at the throne of grace. You might say “as for me I received all the grace I will ever need at salvation”. That’s not scriptural. Only Jesus had fullness of grace. You only received a measure (minimum balance) of grace (Eph 4:7) at salvation. After salvation, we are to receive grace upon grace upon grace (John 1:16). The Apostle Peter even admonished us saying “…Grow in grace…” (2 Peter 3:18).

 A Christian who seldom visits the throne of grace cannot claim that:“the grace of God is sufficient for me!” For such one I must say your grace account is almost in the red! You hardly spend effective time in fellowship with Him hence little or no transfer of grace is made to you whereas God wants to daily load us with His grace (Ps 68:18-19). Most of us are busy using our own might and wisdom in the race of life, when the grace of God is available in the throne of grace, waiting for our download.

 GRACE is G + RACE i.e. G (GOD) in your RACE. This means God in your race with you on His back, helping you run. The world will think you are the one running the race and they will clap for you but let them know that it is God who is doing all the running with you on His back ; for it is not by physical might nor by will power but by His grace.

Why murmur and complain all the time about issues you ought to pray about? Why complain about your children, wife, husband, city, country, church rather than spend that time on your knees to pray for the afore mentioned? God needs you more in the area of PRAYER and FELLOWSHIP with Him. It is when you are  in touch with Heaven that you can influence the earth effectively. This lyrics from a popular hymn says it all: What a friend we have in Jesus, all our cares and grief to bear, what a privilege to carry, everything to God in prayer. Oh what peace we often forfeit, oh what needless pain we bear, all because we do not carry, everything to God in prayer. Have you trials and temptations, cumbered with a load of cares? You should never be discouraged, take it to the Lord in prayer.  As you load your GRACE account, grace will flood your circumstances and will cause you to walk in pleasant places and you will enjoy pleasures for evermore. The enemy wants to get you to a point where you react to life’s issues more than you respond through PRAYER or FELLOWSHIP with Him. If God were to show you your GRACE account, will it be sufficient enough? Why not go for a re-fill. I’m in a hurry to end this post because I want to get a re-fill right about now. Selah!

Femi Obadina

Faith Series comes up every Saturday and @ikeamadi writes on the first saturday of November.

Isaacola AA

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