Life n Choices 3 – Isaacola AA

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We are products of our choices!
Where we are presently is as a result of cumulative choices we’ve made in life willingly, unwillingly or the ones made for us.

Everyday we are faced with making both little and major choices. Not making choice itself is a choice.

Thanks to @emini_ANOTI and @oscarpoems for the first two slots on this series. Today I will be zeroing on the choice of ….

The choice of who we will marry or are married to is a choice we all made or will make in life. Even those who their spouse were chosen for them invariably have the choice to accept or to reject the chosen one.

A man or woman fulfilment in life is tied one way or the other to his/her married life. How did we then make this choice? Unlike where you were born, who your parents are, which country you were born in, who your siblings are, which you have no choice in but who are married to or will be marring is a choice that confront all and sundry.

The good book gives us a clue as to how to make serious choice. It says that Jesus prayed all night before choosing his twelve disciples. This gave me the understanding that I need to pray carefully. Making the choice of who I will marry will ultimately affect the fulfilment of my life’s aspiration. Therefore, I need to pray.

When the prophet Samuel was to anoint a king in Jesse’s household, God told him that man look at the outward appearance but He looks at the heart, which bring me to the second point, not all that glitters is gold. The heart is the ultimate decider of what the act will be. Therefore, in my choice, the externalties isn’t the major decider; the content of the heart is.

Compatibility of faith is a thing that should not be confined to relegation when making this marital choice. You must consider faith seriously because you cannot marry the child of the devil and not expect your father in-law (Satan) not to visit your home every now and then.

Did you share the same vision for the future or similar ones? You must look beyond lofty dreams to clear cut vision for life by the person. If you don’t share the same goal, prepare for a life of hassle and quarrels. The goal post must be the same and well defined before the match.

Marriage is more than just sex, more sex and much more sex! Wise up, there is more to marriage than sex, beauty and glamour. Read good books on marriage before making your choice. Marriage isn’t full of bed of roses and mind you, rose do have thorn too. Don’t base your idea of marriage on Nollywood, Hollywood or Telemondo they will derail you even before you start the journey.

In conclusion, pray, look carefully and dissect your emotion before making the choice and brace yourself up to ruggedly commit your all and fulfilment beckons.

Isaacola AA

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