Life n Choice 4 – Isaacola AA

Episode 3 here

In episode 3 I said: “the heart determines the act” therefore the heart is the major determinant in the choice of a spouse. Today I will continue from that point too.

The slogan “Wife beater” is never written on anyone’s face, “Lion of the house”  too is not written on anybody’s forehead. The meek and gentle man can metamorphosise into a monster, sexual pervert and wife pummeller in the nearest future  when situation changes. Remember adversity is the true test of friendship.

The Holy book says ” the heart of man is desperately wicked who can know it….”. Meaning the creator of the heart alone knows what each heart can do. This brings us to the point where we have to depend on the higher being to help us when choosing, especially when the issue of a spouse in concerned. I don’t intend to be excessively spiritual or take the  responsibility of the choice from man’s shoulder but it takes the manufacturer of a product to tell you the details of what a product can do and cannot do. This means you will have to trust God to help you in making the choice ,removing different layers of dross and fat to choose the right heart that will beat in synchronised pulse with yours.

This is not an excuse for some immature boys and girls coming up with flimsy dreams of fetching water or the likes. To be precise choosing a future wife or husband is not meant for NFA’s (those with no future ambition) future partner is for a person that has a future.

You must be a responsible person; A man or woman that has  clear cut goals before you start looking for a spouse. You can’t be irresponsible, irrational, and then you say you are looking for the exact opposite character in a spouse. Marriage is more of RESPONSIBILITY than anything else.

Before making the choice, are you ready to pay the price of responsibility for the prize of marital bliss? (in the voice of Kayode Joshua Oyero) .

Isaacola AA

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