Life n Choices 5 – Isaacola AA

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When I look back at my life and the decisions I had made, I cannot help but look forlorn and disgusted with myself but all in all I have learned in the hard way to face my challenges and be a man no matter what comes my way. A responsible man will always stick to his decisions and face the consequence(s).

It all began sixteen years ago when I was just thirteen years old and bubbling with life and vitality. My parents were living in a rented apartment somewhere in Surelere in Lagos. I was just in JSS 3 and my landlord’s daughter was a year older and in SSS1 then.

We were young adolescence and our puerile innocence led us into playing adult games while our parents were off to work. The tryst lasted for just a week plus before the lust cleared off our eyes, only for us to discover through the most wicked fate that she was pregnant after five unsuspecting months of our lustful tryst.

By the time I was clocking fourteen and she fifteen, I became a father! I am fathered and also father at a tender age due to stupid decision to do what I was not supposed to do. She gave birth to my son who is more to me like a kid brother.

Though there was serious tension between the families, my parent took the boy and nurtured him like their last child. Now my son calls me brother and every time I look back, I decide not to regret. I am what I am by the grace of God. I am twenty nine and my son is fifteen.

My parents stood by me strongly during those trying times. I contemplated ending it all in suicide but through their love and care, I was able to sail through that phase of my life. I took responsibility for my actions and I learned from my mistakes and because of that, I am a better person.

Mr X

True life story.

We should learn from Mr X that regardless of the gravity of the consequence of our decisions in the past, we can still make our life count. It is not about how many times we’ve fallen but how many times we’ve risen from our falls. No matter how badly battered your life look after a terrible decision, make it count by always rising. You may be down now but don’t make a tabernacle down, always get up and RISE. A glorious high throne from the beginning is the place of your sanctuary.

Isaacola AA


8 Replies to “Life n Choices 5 – Isaacola AA”

  1. Mistakes aren’t meant to kill us. We can re-take those steps that we mistakenly took and get it right.
    Passing through life while bearing the brunt of terrible choices can be as through fire, but with steely determination and God’s grace, we can get on the right path again.


  2. This story reminds me of a scripture in 2 Corinthians 4:8 ‘We are troubled on every side but not distressed…’Not distressed’ means ‘not beyond hope or salvation’. Life is full of ups&downs. It’s not in the fall but in rising again. We all fall@some point.


  3. Wow. Mr X’s story is touching. But everything happens for a reason. The good thing is that he didn’t abandon the child. He’s a responsible guy today and thank God.


  4. Yeah.

    It’s funny how our choices define us – even when we’re not conscious of them.

    Being a father is no child-play, not to talk about being one at that age. No fun.

    Nice. Glad he rose.

    PS: I think I know your Mr. X. Yup.


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