Bus Tales 22 – Isaacola AA

Episode 21 here

Boarding Oshodi bus from Apapa can be a mixture of comedy and utter absurdity many times with the things that happen in the bus. On this fateful day, it bordered on the ridiculous.

As so many of us know, Apapa – Oshodi Expressway is nothing but an eyesore that is in a sordid state of disrepute and a national disgrace in the class of PHCN and the Nigerian…(you can fill in the dots yourself).

Traffic is perpetually heavy and workers closing from work anything from around 5 p.m upwards takes to trekking either forcefully or wilfully to avoid the traffic jam.

This particular day, I quickly joined the throng of pedestrians looking for bus while trekking towards Mile Two.

Like a bolt from the blue, a bus came out of nowhere shouting Oshodi straight, no change and no dropping on the way. We scrambled in only for few people to drop hissing because of the driver’s unfavourable terms.

We got moving after the rushing, huffing and puffing that got the ‘lucky’ ones a seat in the bus. As the journey continued, a well dressed passenger with one of these new grade samsung tablets said “Mile Two wa o”, signifying that he wanted to alight at Mile Two.

The driver was furious with him, especially when he was not willing to pay the complete fare. All hell was let loose and it soon become a shouting match with most of my co-passengers supporting the driver. Both parties were trying to out shout the other.

To compound the matter, the so-called gentleman began to drag the steering wheel with the driver. The women increased the decibel of the their shouting a notch and some of the men started dragging the man off the driver all this while we were on high speed on the Expressway.

I decided to pay up the balance to allow peace to reign. The man didn’t even acknowledge my gesture, he was still busy arguing and shouting at whoever cared to comment either for or against him.

As we got to Oshodi and our ‘tenancy’ in the bus expired, I reflected on the absurdity of the guy’s actions. I didn’t know when I said “Thank God I got to Oshodi unhurt”.

Isaacola AA

Special thanks to @oscarpoems for his help. You are boss!


11 Replies to “Bus Tales 22 – Isaacola AA”

  1. We’ll always encounter terrible people like this in our daily lives. One just has to be calm and do one’s best to make peace and tranquility reign.
    His madness if not quickly checked could have caused something more terrible.
    Good one again…


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