Life n Choices 6 – Isaacola AA

Special thanks to @emini_ANOTI for her contribution.

Episode 5 here

Last week, we took a peep into Mr X life; the way he was able to handle the consequences of his wayward juvenile third leg. He didn’t allow his past mistake to mar his future as he dug deep into himself, rose from his calamitous past to graduate top of his class at age twenty four and by twenty nine he had his masters degree in business administration (M. Ba) and he is also a chartered accountant.

The same cannot be said for the landlord’s daughter that he tangoed with sixteen years ago.

For the sake of simplicity, let’s call her Ms Y. As stated earlier in the previous episode, she became pregnant at the age of fourteen and by fifteen, she became a teenage mother.

The shame and stigma attached to being pregnant so young was too much for Y that she withdrew into a self condemnation mode and killed any iota of human dignity remaining in her. She became embittered and battered by her situation.

Her parent always complained about how much shame she had brought to the family by her single decision to be a mother while she was still being mothered. Things moved from bad to worse for her to the extent that she couldn’t finish her secondary school even after six year of having her baby.

The boy became an object of her hatred. She became recluse and hated the opposite sex with passion. She had to learn a trade when it became obvious she couldn’t concentrate in school with the jeering and leering from students in school.

Now after celebrating thirty years of her miserable existence, she met Mr X again. The sense of shame and total loss of direction in life overwhelmed her and she felt cheated , used and dumped, even though her better self was saying otherwise.


You may be down because of a bad decision you made in the time past. Don’t you ever allow that to weigh you down. You should remember the golden rule ” quitters never win and winners never quit”.

Isaacola AA

15 thoughts on “Life n Choices 6 – Isaacola AA

  1. Sad truth is someone always bears the brunt of every joint inaction. Unfortunately, its the lady in this situation.
    However bad things are, the quest to succeed and urge to excel should be enough to bring one out of any pit some mistakes might have put one.
    Good stuff here again


  2. Let us leave the past for the past and let’s face the future squarely, in a better way. We don’t have to weigh ourselves down by the mistakes we make yesterday or today, we just have to leave them behind and try harder to never make such mistakes again so we could move forward and live the better life that we are meant to live.
    Y is not the only one with such situation, you can still become somebody in life even if you became a mother at 10; even if your family says you are a disgrace; you can prove to the world that your mistake cannot dictate for you.

    Forget your past mistake and move forward today, rely on God and trust in His son Jesus Christ and your mistakes will be turned to glory and you’ll have a better future:


    1. Its not how you fall or how many times you’ve fallen but you are able to pick up the pieces of your life and trudge toward achieving your goal.
      Successful people are not the ones that never fail but the ones that knows how to rise from disappointments to success


  3. I had my own fair share of such experience but thank God i understood that in Christ my past no longer exist.
    This is one place the devil is good at. He makes us feel we have messed up badly and that we are beyond repair.
    The truth is that as long as we are ready to press forward nothing can stop us.

    I observed the story of Y is very common in Nigeria. It’s has become a stereotype thing that whenever you have unwanted pregnancies, everything you dream of has crumbled.

    It not always the same story in the other part of this world (Just an observation.)


  4. Life is about rising up after we fall. Don’t stay down but lift yourself up because even the ones you rely on can&will disappoint you. Be your own encouragement.


  5. It is really hard to get up when life takes a dumping on you. HARD. That’s why men are made of failures not success.

    I owe you an apology. Mr X is not who I thought it was.

    Thank you.


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