Faith Series – Isaacola AA

I read a book some fifteen years ago written by an aged missionary. He explained simply “Pruning”and the analogy used stuck with me; that will be the basis of our discussion on faith series today.

He said ” when a gardener prunes a plant (specifically ornamental plant), the parts that are cut off are not necessarily bad, but because there is a purpose for the plant, those branches will have to let go for higher purpose of the plant to come into being”.

Pruning is cutting off some branches of the plant to achieve a planned purpose.

Lessons from pruning

1 – The parts that were cut off weren’t bad. Meaning some of your excesses will have to let go when the Lord is pruning you. Some parts will have to give way to the higher purpose of God in your life! Some habits will have to let go. Some friends will have to give way if the purpose of God must be fulfilled in your life. Don’t start a sympathy club and start moaning over those friends that have left you, it is because they have finished their part in the script of your life. Cheer up, and look into the purpose of God for you because he has the complete picture.

2 – Pruning is painful therefore forget the gospel of all is well and no pain. In fact, you will feel the pain and you may even get to the point Paul said “we contemplate suicide”. Jesus himself cried out at a point “father, why have you forsaken me?”. Brethren and sisthren, prepare your mind before it comes. “If you fall in the days of adversity, your strength is not enough”. Pruning is like de-limbing. It is painful!

3 – Pruning involves dying , mostly the part that was cut off will die while the remaining part will be scarred before healing up. Come on friends! You will have to get to a place and a time in your walk with God that somethings you once held dearly will have to die. You will get to the point of sacrificing your Isaac on the altar of willingness. You will have to die to self, die to ambition, die to peoples opinion and above all put your body under like Paul said.

This message keep ringing in my ears as the year begins to wind up, make up your mind to submit to his Pruning in the coming days. An unpruned son is a bastard as the scripture rightly said a true son must go through chastisement.


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Isaacola AA


4 thoughts on “Faith Series – Isaacola AA

  1. Thank you boss. Messages dat are scarce on our pulpits but applies more to the realities of our experience as people of faith. Thank U Ike Amadi and thank U Sir Isaacola,my brother for life.


  2. Thanks for sharing this with us, there are certainly things that we have to let go for us to serve our true purpose. “though it may have its pain, I adhere to the CALL inside of me”-Marvin Sapps-Deeper.


  3. Makes me think. And I remembered the story of one minister like that who gave up on God and even committed suicide because of the things he was going through. Smh. I wish he had seen this kind of message.


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