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Life and Choices II of @tomisinajiboye

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I have been here before, remember me? Oh yes, my name is Tomisin Ajiboye. My life is a story of one grain of sand, a life of seeking and finding and further exploration. Always seeking the lost bite of Steve Job’s apple.

I will not bother to re-introduce myself to you because this should be a continuation of last week post. Only that, today’s post captures my mistakes with relationships and money. I will try to be brief with my story so as not to keep you here for long and please leave me a comment before you leave. Don’t judge me too.

Let’s dig in!
I was just leaving “a one-of-those relationships” (a relationship you have because your friends pushed you or because you want to prove something to your friends) when I got to the university. I was full of excitement as I began my pre-degree Programme. It was not too long that I met a lovely lady; for the sake of this article let us call her Nina. Nina was cute and Godly, as a matter of fact she led me to church for the first time on campus. We both attend the same church and we were in the same class as well. This gave room for a fast friendship which later led to relationship.

We had our ups and downs but through it all, we stood together for years. I credited her for endurance and perseverance all through, but what can I credit myself for? I leave you to that… Things were quick and years were fast spent, we were well known on campus because of the way we rose to stardom too quickly. Our combination was a blessing to many other relationships.

In my final year, I became the president of my church and she held a position too as an executive in my cabinet (I didn’t choose my cabinet, the church did). By then, our relationship was already hitting five good years and was as fresh as if we just started.

Rising to the top was a lot work. It was demanding than I thought, I had to combine my job as the president, business, and academics and of course my relationship. Things were tough and it was at this point that my manhood was first tested and I failed woefully. I messed up so many things as a result of PRESSURE, INDISCIPLINE and IGNORANCE. I needed money, I took it from church account, and I couldn’t refund it at that time. I didn’t want my faithful Nina to know about it so I lied to her face when she suspected. She later found out and it was too embarrassing. Trust was lost, confidence was lost, and shame became my room mate. Instead of apologising to her, I ignorantly kept it to myself thinking I didn’t want to involve her in my suffering from my shameful act. Little did I know that she wanted in on everything, she wanted to share in my pains innocently. Sigh!

To cut it short, we staggered our way to 6years but it appear we couldn’t continue anymore, we broke up. It was sad and all (no room for pity, I beg) but we moved on with life.

Here is the lesson, I could have resisted the urge to take that money at that time, though I have paid it in full now but it didn’t change what has been spoiled. The relationships, the friendships, the trusts, the confidence…
I tried to win many back, it worked but not all. My greatest loss still remains my 6years relationship with my Nina.
If you have ever messed up something in the past, be grateful; for it not in your future. Try to mend the ones you can and please, move on with life. I have done many amazing things with money and my life after then and I must confess that God gave a second chance that I would be foolish to throw it away again. It was a hard lesson, but it was worth it. My life today is a result of what I choose!


Special thanks to Tomisin Ajiboye for letting us into his world. Respect sir, you are highly appreciated. We will appreciate comments because we are persuaded we’ve all messed up one way or the other at one time or another.

Isaacola AA

7 thoughts on “Life n Choices 8 – @tomisinajiboye

  1. He already warned… no room for pity! But wow, six good years with whom we’d probably have known as Mrs Creativity today… still a pity. Naïvety cost us ‘Nina’. Thanks for sharing Tomisin. Thank you mostly @newnaija


  2. I was just wondering if it was a costly mistake or divinely arranged. Anyway, lesson has been learnt.

    Ps: I thought Final year students can’t be president of fellowship/church since it was on campus?


    1. You become president in second semester part three, especially when you are in for a four years course.
      Therefore, you are still president till middle of second semester your final year. That was the way it was in my school though.

      Thanks for the observation.


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