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FAITH is one of the most beautiful gifts God has given man, but only very few know how to use it. You see, billions of people don’t even know that there is a gift of faith, not to talk of knowing how to operate in faith.

James 5:15-20 is one part of the bible that shows us that indeed faith can do mighty things. It says that the prayer of faith will heal the sick. It  further to explains how Elijah prayed that there shouldn’t be rain for 3years and it happened!!!

When you know how to operate in faith, life becomes easy. You then fully understand what the bible says in Mark 11:22-24.

When you have faith in God, you become entitled to so many miraculous wonders.

Some of us are poor today because we have not invoked faith on our financial lives. Some of us fall sick every time because we have not prayed  Matthew 8:17 with faith. The kind of faith based prayer that just makes the sickness melt away.

If you have faith, you can’t be an academic failure, never…you know why, the answer is in James 1:5-8.

Even grace comes through faith, faith is first believing, when you do, grace can now be released to you!!! Ephesians 2:8

Healing comes  easily when you believe. Check out Matthew 8:13, 9:29.

Faith is believing in things that can’t be seen. True faith makes people laugh at you  because they can’t see what you see. Matthew 9:18-30 explains this in a funny way. It talks about a man who came to Jesus to heal his daughter, when Jesus saw the girl, by faith, he said the she was sleeping, and they laughed at Him.. They didn’t understand that people who have dangerous faith don’t play by the law of humans, faith makes you an exception to human rules. You begin to operate in a higher realm!!!

In that same passage, the woman with the issue of blood was following Jesus. She believed that if she touched Jesus’ garment, she would be made whole. I’m very sure, she decided not to tell anyone her plan, in fact, the bible said, she told herself that ‘if only I can touch the hem of his garment’. If she shared thought with others they would ridicule her. They would mocked her for having such silly thoughts – ‘how can you touch someone’s clothes and be healed of such ailment?

Faith is unique and ordinary people don’t understand it. They call it madness. They can’t comprehend how Abraham and Sarah could have a child as old as they were, they can’t understand how David faced Goliath the giant and won, they can’t see how we can move mountains.

I have a very beautiful definition of faith. Faith to me is an acronym. It stands for:
F- Finally
A- Accepting that
I- Impossible
T- Things do
H- Happen.

Faith comes in when  impossibility reigns in a life. When there is nothing else to do  that is when God steps in.
Impossible things like the Red Sea dividing into two. Impossible things like feeding 5000 people with five loaves of bread and two fishes…Impossible things like 300 people fighting a war against 120thousand people overcoming them…if you are in doubt me search the word and read about Gideon.

Never forget that ‘In the Atmosphere of Faith, Miracles take place’.

Rev up your faith life today.

Be +ve…


Akan Imoh is a young man with a deep passion for the things of God. He is a Youth Leader at the Foursquare Gospel Church, Saabo.

Join. @thelafamily on Twitter and let’s study God’s word together. To join, please see: especially point 3!

Isaacola AA

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