Faith Series – Isaacola AA

Faith isn’t denying the obvious but acting on God’s word in spite of our feelings, facts and reality on ground.
Isaacola AA

Many a times, the facts on ground will make mockery of our faith and our respective scientific and rational mind will dissuade us from acting in accordance with our faith or believe.

We all believe in God and his word albeit mentally. Remember the story shared on this series two weeks ago by James Melbin where people believed and trusted the expert rope walker but can’t summon up courage to trust him with their lives. Most of the time, we as believers mouth our believe but when it comes to walking the talk, we chicken out.

Brethren, it is high time we walked our talk. Faith without works is dead says the scripture. Get your eyes off the circumstance because things will never line up until you take a step of faith like Peter and start walking on the sea of your doubt.

We all believe He paid for our healing and sin. Start acting on it.  Two friends of mine that walk the line of healing challenge my faith to the core.

– The first was asthmatic but she swept the large church auditorium (very dusty) all through our four years plus in the university and she walked off the school asthma free.

– The second  had serious duodenum ulcer in school , which didn’t hinder him from his fasting routine (he is from the Christ Apostolic Church background), he also was healed perfectly before leaving the school.

What am I saying in essence ? Fix your eyes on the master and what he said to you. His word is the final not the obnoxious doctor’s report condemning you to death. He is still Jehovah rapha, the Lord that heals us. He is calling you to trust him by taking a step of faith in his word and WALKING. I stretch my hands towards you, especially if you are struggling to walk out of that glaring health failure, Healing is the children’s bread, grab it now. Walk out of that despondency, your sickness was paid for just like yours sins!


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Isaacola AA

5 thoughts on “Faith Series – Isaacola AA

  1. Amen! I receive healing in all areas of my life where faith is needed healing. And I’m now free from all sickness, disease! I’ll hold unto this fact..that’s how it will work.

    Today’s faith series, Isaac, is sooo prophetic. We can always do better!


  2. Thanks Bro for this! In a place like Nigeria where healthcare is a sham, It is very dangerous for a Christian not to have faith in God’s provision of healing! By His stripes, we were healed! Praise God!!!!!


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