Bus Tales 26 – Isaacola AA

Episode 25 here

After spending time with my family in a serene *wink, environment outside Lagos, here I am in Lasgidi again with its attendant hustle and bustle. The most upsetting part is the recklessness of the drivers who have little or no care in the world for safety of life and the inhumane conductors. 

I boarded a bus very early in the morning to cut off the usual heavy traffic at Apapa which Lagos state in its grandiose plan has been unable to curb even after almost two decades of civil rule.

The bus filled up almost immediately in Oshodi with early crawlers like myself. We started the journey toward Apapa in earnest. The first thing that caught my attention was the clapping and singing emanating from the back of the bus as though I was on a …. Revival ground. 

I couldn’t concentrate on my early morning Bible reading and scanning some of my favourite sites and blogs. Much as I tried, the keyless tone kept jarring me off concentrating on “the needful”. After much trial which resulted in frustration, I abandoned the reading and decided to look back and see the enthusiastic religious zealots clapping and singing off-key. 

It was then that I noticed that the bus did not have full lights (no headlamps). Ah, what a glorious mess. Oshodi-Apapa expressway was notable for its many death traps; gullies and mighty craters and this driver was driving without a headlamp? “Oh Lord, into your hand did I commit my soul” was the only prayer going through my mind.

Before long, the rickety bus began convulsing in an epileptic fit, gyrating to unknown music in a scintillating oscillation. Praaaackrararara! it sounded like a mighty thunder and everything went mum. The driver spoke indifferently to no one in particular “epo ti tan” (fuel has finished). The tone and manner of the driver left me speechless. How on earth would a sane human being speak to another human as though they were objects?

Immediately, all the revival going on at the back ceased and shouts came flooding in, each of them ditching their hitherto gentlemanly churchy behaviour for the truly rascally Lasgidi behaviour. Mtchew.
Another day in bus tale story 

Merry new year and happy Xmas.

Isaacola AA

8 thoughts on “Bus Tales 26 – Isaacola AA

  1. Hehehehe. *conductor voice* epo ti tan noni (fuel heas finished now!).
    If its not fuel pump, it is overfloat or flat tyre. Different orisirisis.
    I guess you had a nice time struggling to get to work late that day.
    Thanks for this series. Enjoy your Christmas as well


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