Appreciation – Isaacola AA

To my one and only Bunmi Isaacola (mama awon boyz), thanks for being there.

Shout out to Dipo Ilesanmi, you are appreciated.

Great people who have contributed one way or the other to this blog all through the year, I can’t but say a word of appreciation to you all. This is a special shout out to you all in no particular order and those that my short memory did not allow me to remember, am sorry it was not deliberate (maybe as a result of an over excited heart bubbling to appreciate my “Ogas at the tops” *wink with one eyebrow arched in a question mark).

Editors who helped so far

Toyin Alimi, Taiwo Marayesa , @deboadejugbe, @saymalcolm @emini_ANOTI , @Oscarpoems, @Oge_writes, @GodspecialG @Afam20 and @Aipoh01.

Faith Series

Femi Obadina, Toyin Alimi, Lekan Alimi, Yomi Oladunjoye, @Ikeamadi @Emini_ANOTI, @Akan_Imoh, @JamesMelbin, @0rode….

Bus Tales

@Saymalcolm, @Deboadejugbe, @Toyinfab, @Sagaysagay, @Tomi_adesina, @Kontactrita, @Alexakin30, @Dricks009, @Tomi_Adesina, @Persiux5, @Akan_Imoh, @_iamarome, @Joyousayo, @Niyi__ , @Nykelodeon, @Asiricomedy….


Taiwo Marayesa

Life and Choices

@Emini_ANOTI, @Oscarpoems, @TomisinAjiboye …..

Comments and ….

@Egbas, @Ayourb, @Emini_ANOTI @zebbook , @Oge_write @Saymalcolm @Tomi_Adesina @Oscarpoems @samade07 @Ikeamadi @Moskedapages @walt_shakes @Seunakioye @Stnaija , @occupynigeria , @Seunodukoya @Famousisaacs @Nifemi_love, @Ayosholola @Thelafamily, @Ayoshogunro, @Topsyken, @NNENA_OMALI @Tosinpella , @Umariayim , @Vospeaks , @Famuyideolawale @EdKhineT @Da_Senator , @Dazee_Zita , @Damstylee @AAABORODE , @Sirrvictor

DrSwag, Itunu, Femitenor, Shakespeareanwalter, Oluwanonso, 3rdpart360,…

and many more I can’t mention, you are all appreciated. For writing on the blog, reading and commenting and above all your dedication, I love you all.

Merry new year and happy Xmas.

Feel free to add your name in the comment section.

Isaacola AA

14 thoughts on “Appreciation – Isaacola AA

  1. I really appreciate everyone that made it worthwhile here. The gentle rebukes, corrections, encouragements, criticism etc all were appreciated because it made me a better person.

    I am grateful to @Egbas @da_Senator and @Zebbook for kick starting me.

    You all means so much to me. Thanks and God bless you all.


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