Faith Series – Isaacola AA

 O my soul, bless GOD. From head to toe, I’ll bless his holy name! O my soul, bless GOD, don’t forget a single blessing!
 He forgives your sins—every one. He heals your diseases—every one. He redeems you from hell—saves your life! He crowns you with love and mercy—a paradise crown. He wraps you in goodness—beauty eternal. He renews your youth—you’re always young in his presence.

Psalms 103 . 1 – 3
The Message

First of all, we give thanks to the Almighty for helping and keeping us all through the year 2013. There was never a week that we missed Faith Series, it was not because of our brightness or any thing we can boast of but by His grace and mercy we are here in the last Saturday of the year! Glory to God.

Our appreciation goes out to all our ardent readers, followers and ReTweeters . My God will keep you and make you better as we journey through yet another year.

Now back to the business of the day.

The human mind is conditioned to forget things and that is why the above Psalms is saying man should not forget the blessings of the Lord.

Today I want to urge you not to forget all His blessings over your life and family. Look through the year in retrospect and you will have reasons to thank the Lord.

The so called common cold, fever and head ache we went through this passing year was the cause of death for  many  therefore lets be thankful.

You have a place to lay your head after a hectic day of labour or scouting for work, be thankful. You were never on admission in the hospital this year, be thankful. Your case is different, hospital bills took a chunk of your income, be thankful that you are still alive.

I was in the hospital for almost two weeks put together because of my son this year. I am thankful I didn’t bring him back in a body bag though I saw  wailing mothers twice during that period who were not so fortunate! I am grateful.

My wife went to the labour room and came out with another son, I am grateful because some people’s case weren’t as sweet as mine.

I lost a friend and colleague this year who in my opinion  was more prayerful, studious and a better christian than I am, I am thankful.

I am not saying everything went smoothly as planned but what I am saying is, all through the year there were more than enough reasons for me to be thankful because even the not so good occurrences were turned around to work for my good!

Friends quit complaining and put on the garment of thanksgiving for the little things of life we take for granted.

Till next week Saturday, remain blessed.


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Isaacola AA

7 thoughts on “Faith Series – Isaacola AA

  1. Even though year 2013 gave me lot of pain in my career and relationship, His beauty was my ashes. By far my case is far better than many and my basic needs had never fail supplication. In all, am 100% thankful and hoping that 2014 will be better. Amen IJN


  2. God has blessed us so far this year…all of us. What else can we do other than to praise him for that which he have done and have faith in more to do more in the coming year? He is the only real God!


  3. Even though 2013 was nt as easy, am still very grateful DADDY for everything, I knw I can’t thank u enough bt I will put my beSt nd adore u cos dres none to be praised rather than u …….#gratefulhaeart


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