Bus Tales 28 – Isaacola AA

This is my birth date gift to you all. I love you and I appreciate you visiting this blog.

Episode 27 here


There is a common saying among Yorubas which translates as “it is the God of the ancient times takes time to deliver judgment (suggesting slowness). The God of the now, is extra fast (Jehovah sharp sharp)”.

This saying was executed to the letter in one of my numerous journeys and it became etched in my memory. It was actually carved in gold on the plate of my mind.

I went to Alaba market to fix my giant LCD. As I ‘thankfully’ could not take my car for one reason or the other. I was at the mercy of “danfo” (commercial yellow buses).

It took just forty five minutes for the little fault to be corrected and off I went to join the mass of market men and women to take a bus. I was almost regretting not taking my car when a bus zoomed in.

Like a typical Lagosian, I struggled and smuggled myself and the television into the bus. I wanted to seat at the edge by the door so I can at least balance the TV on the little space behind the driver. The well dressed ‘bankerly’ man seated there would however have none of it.

Fellow passengers joined me in pleading with the man to allow me seat at the edge to reduce my inconvenience but all pleas fell on a deaf ears. The man looking unperturbed by the begging, slotted in his ear piece and started almost immediately to nod his head to the music wafting off his expensive looking gadget.

I took all in, and braced myself for a muscle cramp and soreness due to staying immobile for almost an hour with the big load on my lap and the smooth pothole, sorry craters infested journey.

Without warning, the clouds frowned and the sky turned moody and petulant. The hitherto smiling sun suddenly withdrew its shine. There was a mighty rumble with a shattering roar from the sky. Before one could blink, the skies opened and started to shed slanted crocodile’s tears.

If you know those kind of rain with heavy drop coming at an angle. The side glass of the bus was non-existent and my officious looking, music loving and adamant passenger was drenched within five minutes. He held his gadget high up as if he was entering the security door of a bank but his pitiable condition would not improve, and it was apparent to all others in the bus.

I tried shifting a bit for him to move away from the glassless door but the guy seating next to me gave an “are-you-out-of-your-mind” look. It became clear to me that the officious looking guy made so many enemies in the bus as none was ready to shift to accommodate him.

Staying outside inside the rain would have been better for the poor guy as he keep hauling insult and cuss words to the driver while we continued our journey pothole by pothole.


Watch out for new series coming up this new year. Bus Tales will be once in a while from now onward. Thanks for everything.
Isaacola AA

22 thoughts on “Bus Tales 28 – Isaacola AA

  1. Am sorry for the “Officious” guy. What a big lesson but from the story line he was not still sober. Happy birthday Sir and more grease to your elbow.


  2. Raw deal, a very raw one for Mr. Officious. It all ended in your favour though as you would have been caught seated there. A lesson for the guy, and for us all too.
    And for your birthday, its a new year of unexpected advancement. You’ll age in grace and excellence. Expect a virtual birthday fowl from me 😀


  3. Good fiction depicting typical lagos life. May your inspiration never run dry. It’s my pleasure reading you. Like I said before,consider writing novels. Am convinced you will do well in it. But,you must read wide for self-development. People who read well,write well.


  4. Hilarious. The heavens only repaid the ‘kindness’ he gave out. You go fear ‘back to sender’. Good write up


  5. Serves the officious guy right!
    I didnt see this on time due to the serious deficiency of network where I am. But Happy Birthday in arrears Sir,and I wish you a Prosperous New Year


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