Love (poetry) – Isaacola AA

Happy birth date to Alimi Prudence Oluwatoyin. Tomorrow is your day. Newnaija family celebrate you, a rare gem. Thanks for being who you.
Happy birth date to @Sagaysagay too, Abiodun my name sake, best of God in your endeavours.


Smile that melts the heart from a mile
Tangible joy that envelopes completely
Spreading its tentacles all over
Drilling electric shocking sweetness
Into the tenderness of the bodice
This can only be you

I am overwhelmed by the simplicity of your touch
The clinical precision of your cut
Offing all dross from my sultriness
Deeply deepened in my depth
Only you can touch with a touché touch

The sweetness you left in my mouth
By the height of epoch you took me
The crescendo of the orchestra
With its anticlimax orgasm
Still resulted in a heart shattered into a zillion pieces

Then as I gave up on you
Thinking you are a mirage
Unattainable by mortal flesh
Unfathomable by the living
Inaccessible by man
You came back with your magical touch

Blending love and forgiveness
In an intricate web that engulfed my heart
Taking me to a new level of grace
Where the needful is done with alacrity
Taking me to a new level of belief
Where love lives

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Isaacola AA



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