Faith Series – Isaacola AA

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“Now Naaman, Commander of the army of the king of Syria, was a great and honourable man in the eyes of his master, because by him the Lord had given victory to Syria. He was also a mighty man of valour, but a leper”-2 King 5:1 (New King James Version)

We will begin this year by speaking to the core of our being. Many Christians struggle and wallow in the ocean of ineptitude. Always being unable to stand shoulder high because of a BUT in their lives.

A ‘but’ is like giving you a cup of royal wine in a golden cup with little faeces at the tip. No matter how appealing the golden cup of wine is, the faeces at the edge of the cup will put off any prospective drinker.

Now, you as a believer, what are the ‘buts’ you are struggling with? I am not asking you to share with me, but I want to share what the lord laid on my heart to tell you, that “you will see them (BUTS) no more”.

You that still struggle with masturbation, you’ve tried all you could but at the end of every seemingly breakthrough, you find yourself slipping back into the dirty vice, today is your salvation. In Jesus name you are delivered.

Yours may be subtle lying and exaggerations, you are set free in the Lord’s name.

Every ‘but’ that has hitherto dampened and obliterated your testimony, that try to ridicule the work of Christ in your life, I proclaim the end to them in Jesus name.

You are a vibrant and godly brother or sister and can be trusted in all areas except the opposite sex, today is your deliverance in Jesus name.

Yours may be a recurrent disease that want to decimate and terminate your life. You are delivered from all these “buts” in Jesus name.
Yours may be gluttony, you are addicted to eating, eating and eating. Hear the word of the Lord, you are free in Jesus name.

You are starting your journey this year on a new note and with a clean bill of health. No BUTS again. Walk in the reality of His finished work as you drop your worries, sins, weight and ‘buts’ in Jesus name.

You are free from evil kinds of addiction, vice and negative things that has held you bound up to this time. Today is the day of salvation. Walk out on the BUTS and walk into your total freedom.

If the son shall make you free, you are indeed free my brethren and sisthren.


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Isaacola AA

15 thoughts on “Faith Series – Isaacola AA

  1. In the face of apparent contradictions Jesus has given us POWER to PREVAIL… He turns our BUTS to the BUTTER that adorns our bread. He celebrates us in the places where the world intended to cremate us. IN CHRIST WE WIN


  2. Amen.

    This is the year of laying every weight aside and running the race set before us with heads held high. Hebrews 12.

    Christ has done it all for us. We just need to walk in the fullness of all that He has provided.

    Stay blessed.


  3. God bless your soul for the prayers. May not be found wanting,in Jesus name,amen. Thank God for redeeming us and in whom we are saved through His son.


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