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Being faithful in little things cannot be over emphasised. Luke 19: 12-24 expressed the importance of giving one’s total strength to every little thing committed into ones hands. We never know how much that little thing could grow until we get committed.

Let me share Jimmy’s story I heard somewhere with you. Jimmy works as a junior executive in a multinational Company. The President of the company was preparing to retire, so the job of searching for the next president started. He couldn’t trust his vice, the Managing Directors neither his only son.                                      
So the President called all the junior Executives to the boardroom and shared his vision and plans for the Company with them. He concluded with his intention to handover the administration of the company to one of them. Thereafter, the President gave each of them a seed to go and plant and after a year everyone should bring his pot of plant. They were all surprised with the simple plan of the President but at the same time challenged. They all went to their separate homes with the thought on “how do I out beat others”.                                    
Jimmy got home and discussed the seed issue with his wife. She encouraged him to look for a pot and good soil to plant the seed. After two weeks the seed failed to show “life”. Jimmy got curious and started asking himself some questions but his wife encouraged him to keep watering the seed. More weeks after that, nothing came up still.

However, other executives in his office had started talking about how well their plant was doing. That broke Jimmy’s heart. Many at times he will lock himself inside the rest room and weep uncontrollable. He concluded he was already a failure and his life amounts to nothing. Jimmy was loosing all the fun at office and at home but his wife kept on encouraging him not to lose hope. She suggested they get fertiliser for the plant which they did but there was still no development. By now other junior executives had started bragging and challenging each about how their plants are doing. Jimmy couldn’t talk in their midst and always find excuses not to join their discussions. He became the laughing stock and that added to his pain.                                

At exactly a year, the president wrote and summon everyone of them to meet him at  boardroom on a particular date. Jimmy told his wife about it and concluded he was not going because he had failed in growing a seed which could have changed his fortune for life. In short he was a TOTAL FAILURE. But Jimmy’s wife charged him to go for the meeting with the pot. Her point was that at least he tried. He listened to her and went to the boardroom with his pot.                                          

Everyone’s seed had turned to beautiful flowers except for Jimmy’s dead seed. Needless to say he hid himself behind one of his colleagues. He was terribly ashamed.                                      

The President walked in, looked around and congratulated everyone for a job well done. “Today one of you will become the President of this company” he said. He asked after Jimmy and everyone laughed. Jimmy sluggishly pulled out of his hide out with his pot. The President shook his head and made a straight face. The boardroom became silent, he gave him a warm hug. “Congratulations Jimmy, you are now the President of this great company, you have proved to be a faithful man” He said. The old president added that the seed he gave everyone of them had been boiled and there is no way any of the seeds could grow. “You have all showed to be unfaithful in little test”.                          
Be faithful in the little things you are given to do this year. Be committed to seeing the little thing grow and put in your possible best and you journey through this year. I can hear the sound of abundant rain of reward coming on the faithful in the coming days.                   
Therefore, I challenge you all my readers not to loss hope even in the face of trials and troubles of life. Be faithful in little things, who knows, your Father in heaven may be putting you to test. I wish you all success and smooth sail in Year 2014.  


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Isaacola AA


11 thoughts on “Faith Series – @Bunmi_Bimbola

  1. Nothing can be subtituted for honesty. It will make you very few friends, but you are sure the few are real friends. Thanks bimbo. God be with you.


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