Dabira 1 – @Bunmi_Bimbola

betrayalWelcome to a new series by Olubunmi Abimbola Adedayo. It will be on every Tuesdays by God’s grace.


Her Blackberry beeped and the red light started blinking but she ignored it as she was busy with the final proof reading of the letters she had written. She had been selected as the Secretary of the Annual Lecture and Award Night Committee of her organisation and had a deadline to meet for submission.

Oluwadabira Doherty, fondly called Dabira by her close friends and family is the apple of her parents’ eyes. The only female and the last of four children in a family that hails from Isale Eko, Dabira never lacked anything but was never spoilt as her parents believed in proper upbringing of children and great discipline. None of the Doherty kids were given the room to misbehave despite the affluence of their parents.

As far as her parents were concerned, Dabira was a very special child as they believed her addition to the family brought an increase in their fortune. Chief and Chief Mrs Kayode Doherty had it rough in the early years of their marriage. Their sons however rubbed shoulders with the best in terms of smartness and intelligence despite attending public schools during the hard times.

Dabira quickly rounded up the proof reading and forwarded the letters to her boss, the Managing Director, Mr. Damilare Taiwo. Relieved, she picked up her mobile telephone to check who had pinged her. It was the love of her life, Olalekan Idowu, who she pet named Ruby. Smiling at the phone screen as she opened the message, she got up to re-plug the phone charger. Her smile however turned to a scowl, and then a frown.

She fell into her seat and dropped the phone on her table. She betrayed emotions almost instantly as she began to sob. Luckily for her, Caroline, her close confidant and colleague who shares office with her was around and noticed the sudden change in Dabira’s demeanour. She quickly walked to Dabira’s desk and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Dabira what’s the problem now?”, she asked but got no answer. Trying to place what was wrong, she asked again. “Babe, what’s wrong now?”. Dabira simply pointed to the phone. Caroline picked the device and saw what brought her friend to tears-“Dabira I am very sorry, we can’t go on again with our relationship. Everything seems to indicate that we are not meant for each other. I wish you well”.

Caroline turned to Dabira and asked “are you guys having issues so strong to have led to your guy taking this kind of step?” Dabira did not speak still. Her face had turned pale, her make-up a mess and her big eyeballs had turned bigger. Her friend gave her a white handkerchief to clean her face. Caroline then spoke calming words to her and assured her not to worry as everything will be alright with time.

Still teary, Dabira finally found her voice. “Carol, my joy is gone, my source of happiness has been taken away, my heart has been trampled on and I am now like a living dead”, she said while the tears streamed down her face.

Her friend begged her not to say negative words again but Dabira could not help herself. She cried her soul out and spoke again. “Where do I start from again Carol? I have never known any man since I met and gave Olalekan my heart”.

“Dabira that’s okay, I can understand your feeling”, Caroline said and paused to wipe her friend’s tears before continuing,”please pull yourself together. It is already 4:45 pm in the next fifteen minutes we will close for today. I will drive you home myself ehn? I however believe there is more to Lekan’s decision”, Caroline concluded.



22 thoughts on “Dabira 1 – @Bunmi_Bimbola

  1. Well-written. It’s a case of good romance gone bad. The explanation for d guy’s decision is a two-way-thing. It could be dat the bobo don see another sisi wey better pass Dabira or he jus wan free himsef from Dabira…


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