Twilight Dawn -Isaacola AA



As the shadow lengthens, casting its elongated opaque

Reflection void of luminosity

Drab of monstrosity

Clothed in humanity voiceless-ly moving

In fluidity unaccustomed to common sight


Here it comes, shouting for attention

Amorously touching the untouched

Vigorously exposing the mysterious

Opening layers of “Onionic” cover


Inbetwixt wakefulness and “sleepfulness”

Clinging to the leathery wings of consciousness

Holding the ethereal bodice of “sleepiness”

Tugging at my core for embrace


The eternal pleasure enveloping me

As the caress of the goddess clit

Took me to the realm of Eldorado

I cling and cringe for the touché touch


Lounge with a deep longing

For the sweet sonorous breathe of your voice

Caressing the recess of my humanistic being

Oh! I’m in the twilight of dawn

Isaacola AA

10 thoughts on “Twilight Dawn -Isaacola AA

  1. Hmmm. Such words,some of which are complex for my understanding right now. But, I guess,that’s what sets poets apart. More power to your pen,sir.


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